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Your Business Challenges

These are common business challenges that research can help you overcome

There are many customer, employee and stakeholder-facing challenges that research can help you to solve, from becoming more efficient to increasing brand loyalty. 

Here are some of the questions that are frequently put to us – if you have a pressing business issue you’d like advice about, let us know:

Business Challenge:  We want to lower our staff turnover 

Research Solution:

High staff turnover eats away at profitability and brand reputation. A company-wide employee experience or employee engagement survey will uncover what employees perceive the engagement factors are in your organisation and the improvement actions required to change those perceptions, helping improve employee retention and strengthen staff alignment with company values.

See how we helped this national business implement an effective long-term employee engagement strategy:  

Business Challenge:  We want to grow our customer base

Research Solution:

To understand which direction to take and which customer segments to target requires two components of customer research. The first will help understand what current customers, prospect customers and lapsed customers want from your organisation, the second will benchmark your performance against industry competitors. This will lay the foundation for developing a compelling value proposition, this would then be subject tosoft market testing to determine market demand and acceptance.

See how our customer gap analysis research helped this large recruitment business group improve customer service and achieve their strategic growth target. 

Business Challenge:  Customer enquiries aren’t converting into sales – why?

Research Solution:

An effective, tailored customer satisfaction survey will find out how your customers make decisions, what your customers want, and the values they associate both with your company and your competitors. Discovering your customers real motivations and values then allows us to test which service features you provide - in-person, over the phone and online - are working or not working and, the improvement actions needed to perfect your customer experience.

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Business Challenge:  We want to become more efficient as a business

Research Solution:

This is the ideal opportunity to use a blend of stakeholder and customer research to measure the relationships between each departmental function in your organisation and relationships with your customers and other key stakeholders, such as your employees and suppliers. This will expose which processes are working effectively and which need to change to increase efficiency and productivity. To kick-start the business research, we advise identifying the core issues via a TTi qualitative research programme.   

See how TTi customer research helped a leading UK gas network deliver more efficient, effective customer service processes and interactions.   

Business Challenge:  How can we stretch and keep our most valued employees?

Research Solution:

A company-wide employee engagement questionnaire will help determine the extent to which staff engagement exists within the business and what your employee’s appetite is to be stretched – for example, their willingness to work across different business functions with a view to taking on a bigger, more senior role. This will identify employee groups and individuals keen to develop their career path and therefore more likely to welcome different engagement activities, such as taking on stretch roles and assignments. Alongside enabling you to identify, engage and retain your most talented employees, promoting from within the organisation will help boost morale and cut recruitment costs.  

How we helped this national company understand its employees' primary motivational and engagement drivers.   

Business Challenge:  How can we improve brand loyalty?

Research Solution:

A brand is a series of interrelated components made of multiple characteristics, such as brand identity, brand personality, brand pricing and brand communication. Understanding brand loyalty requires measuring these components in terms of how they feature in the customer’s determinants of value. Where there is a misalignment of values, customers are less likely to want to interact with that brand. Our brand analysis research exposes customer’s core expectations of your brand and how well they feature in your current proposition. It also identifies which brand features you need to promote and which need more attention.

Business Challenge:  How can we keep our franchisees/re-sellers or channel partners happy?

Research Solution:

This is a challenge many organisations who franchise, or who sell products through agents or distributors, face. We run a series of leading channel partner surveys which examine the strength and weaknesses of the franchisor-franchisee relationship, where weaknesses lie and the impact of those weaknesses.

We can determine analytically which relationship attributes are most important to franchisees and channel partners and the extent to which they are being met. This data is critical as dissatisfaction within the dealer/channel partner relationship can engender disloyalty, harming the parent brand.  Along with pinpointing your channel partner’s wants and needs, our research highlights the precise actions needed to build stronger channel partner relationships and long-term loyalty.

See how our world-leading DRS (Dealer Research Satisfaction) programme enables top automotive brands to track, measure and enhance dealer satisfaction. 

Business Challenge:  We’re a growing business. What skills should we recruit for?

Research Solution:

Our research solutions are renowned for extracting what customers really want from a company and its competitors. TTi’s Customer Experience Quality Customer Gap Analysis Survey will pinpoint what aspects of your service and/or product is most important to the customer and therefore the type of skills employees’ will need to deliver the best customer experience.

Once in place, our research can help determine whether the breadth of staff’s skills is fulfilling customer expectations, or whether certain skills are missing – requiring further action such as top up training. This type of customer experience analysis is also the ideal research tool for supporting business innovation and change.   

Business Challenge:  We want to identify and engage with stakeholders effectively

Research Solution:

Experience shows that involving and engaging stakeholders who care about your business or project aims is vital for success. Our stakeholder research and analysis uses proven qualitative and quantitative research techniques to understand and improve stakeholder engagement, including identifying who your key stakeholder groups and individuals are (primary and secondary), their expectations and requirements in order of priority, the dialogue your stakeholder’s want and the form they want it in.     

See how TTi helped a major UK utilities provider understand and prioritise stakeholder’s interests, improving stakeholder engagement and relationships.