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Why everyone needs customer satisfaction surveys

Customers are not just people walking into shops. Every organisation has a customer. So what makes yours happy? It really depends on your type of business and who your customers are…

March 10th 2014, by glyn

Think hard about your customers and what you provide to them. Depending on your business,your customers could be anyone from visitors to online shoppers, researchers to bloggers, clients to donors.

In this connected, competitive world where everything is readily available a click or a short drive away, you need to offer something that no one else can; whether this is the cheapest price, the best customer experience, free delivery, expert knowledge, or simple, transparent processes.

Whatever it is, you need to keep working at it and improve your service to your customers.

Why do you need to survey your customers?

Conducting customer satisfaction research is really important and helps you determine what direction your company should be going in. 

To grow your business, you need to keep customers coming back – so whether you’re a service provider, a retailer, a dealership, or a charity, you should take steps to discover what your ‘customers’ want, whether you’re meeting their expectations, and what needs to change.

What are the problems?

Conducting customer satisfaction research can be problematic. You don’t want to survey them too often, or ask too many questions that turns them away, but you do need to find out if what you are doing is right.

Finding the middle ground is crucial.

It really depends on the number of customers you have and what you need to know.

For example, if you have a large pool of customers that uses your company just once or twice a year then you could conduct an annual survey. If your customers buy from you regularly it might be better to do a small sample on a monthly basis.

Using a research agency with experience in conducting customer satisfaction surveys can help you adopt the best methodology for your business, and put together a questionnaire that asks the right questions, at the right time.

Measure your improvement

It’s important to benchmark your results – so if you conduct a survey in year one using standard customer satisfaction questions, you can use the same questions in the next survey – with additions –to gauge changes in satisfaction.

This is a particularly good way of measuring customer opinion after, for example, a company re-brand or if you have changed how your services are provided.  

Segment your customers

If you don’t know much about your customers then conducting a segmentation exercise is a very good way of finding exactly who uses your services. 

A research agency can help you to collect your customer data, and add in other useful information such as in-depth consumer data from Experian’s Mosaic.

Splitting your audience into distinct customer groups like the classic ‘early adopter’ enables you to target your customers in ways that appeal to them and increases loyalty and satisfaction with your brand.

Call us or email if you have any questions about customer satisfaction research, or want to talk about how market research can help your business to grow.