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Why Choose Us?

Combining a friendly personal service with years of knowledge and experience

Why do customers choose to work with TTi? There are a lot of options out there, so what makes us stand out from the crowd?  As well as our open flexible and personal approach, our credibility and competency are amongst the reasons organisations make us their first choice. Demonstrated by reference, responsiveness and communication, we strive to build research programmes based on your individual needs. So whilst we recognise “we cannot be all things to all men” we can seek to differentiate ourselves, we are driven by our client’s high expectations to be the research provider that delivers all your needs and requirements.

We listen

A flexible service and an attentive team

  • You know more about your business than we do, so we gather client input and reflection through the development phase to ensure we are on the journey together and work collaboratively.
  • Ensuring we clearly understand the needs of our clients by spending time with them and asking the right questions about their goals of the research requirement.

We understand how to get results

More than 25 years of working with national and international brands

  • We have worked for many major organisations. Our clients have benefited from the experience we have built up from developing customer, employee and stakeholder research projects for a broad range of businesses.
  • Our research strategists and designers have knowledge in various fields. From the utilities sector, to automotive, manufacturing, retail and the public sector we have a specialist who can offer insights and in-depth knowledge of that area.
  • Recommending the right methodology and supporting process and using our interactions effectively to create value even if we do not work together.

We build strong lasting relationships

Your successes are our successes

  • Providing the right team, clients like working with people they like, we ensure the team clients work with have the right skills, background, sector understanding and are a good all round fit.
  • Openness, too often we hear of poor relationships because openness, trust and collaboration are not visible, we see these as fundamental to creating the right relationship foundation and seek to embed them through our first interactions.
  • Creating sustainable research is fundamental to longevity and delivering long term value, we make recommendation from outset and use dynamic functionality to ensure research doesn’t just reflect a point in time, it also embraces the changing approach of business going forward.

These are organisational features and people attributes we seek to deliver, why not read on and see what our customers think:

 “Competent Partner/consultant approach, trust and cooperation”

Automotive – Head of Research, Europe

“We are really impressed with the Service and most importantly the willingness and enthusiastic approach offered by the team members in helping us in achieving our goals.”

Utilities – Customer Experience Manager

“Thanks for your support!”

Construction – Head of IT

“I feel that I have a strong working relationship with the team - they know our business well and our business needs”

Utilities – Research Manager

"They're very flexible and accommodating to work with and provide a valuable service in helping us understand the information that is returned and how we can develop and interpret the MI"

Utilities – Research Manager


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