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What a Utilities customer journey survey might look like

Measuring utility customer satisfaction at all touch points. Download our infographic.

June 18th 2014, by jack

Measuring utility customer satisfaction at all touch points

Customer journey research identifies all the interactions where poor service lets your company down, and helps you implement improvements.

As a utility provider, unlike retailers, you have little opportunity to influence your brand, with a limited outward facing image.

Communication with customers is by email, by letter, and through social media and very little, if any, person-to-person interaction, and even then drain clearance or connection services may be subcontracted to other organisations, and call centres may be outsourced.

This can often create the feeling amongst utilities customers that service providers are hiding behind a faceless corporate image, and poor service compounds the negative impression your customers can have of your company.

This negative view customers have of their utilities providers is probably not in line with your brand’s core values.

In the utility sector, customer interactions often only happen when they have a problem, like a blocked drain, leaking pipe, no broadband connection or incorrect direct debit.

So customer interaction has to be managed faultlessly, keeping customer effort to a minimum and maximising their satisfaction.

There are probably a good many people in your company working very hard to meet customer needs and regulatory requirements. But if these hard workers operate in siloes, there will be occasions when your customer may experience poor service, and your reputation takes another hit.

What is customer journey research?

Customer journey research shows how the whole organisation is performing, what customers think of your company as a whole, and the many and various touch points along that journey that are positively or negatively impacting the customer experience.

It’s important to identify touch points on the customer journey that are performing less effectively than others. Then you have to change the behaviours, processes or messages to improve the customer’s satisfaction at this point.

Not doing so can have a real impact on customer brand perceptions and lead to snowballing bad publicity on social media.

How we help you improve your customer service reputation

To be effective, customer research needs to measure all interactions across the journey a customer takes.

We help clients to overcome this challenge by developing questionnaires that cover the entire journey and mapping diagnostically into touch points.

Our data collection methods intelligently segment respondents, gathering appropriate feedback and enabling actions to be easily drawn from the data and implemented effectively.

The infographic describes how a utilities customer journey can look and where customer experience can be negatively impacted.

Our clients receive detailed, actionable reports that follow this same process to build a bigger picture of their success, tracked across different events and time periods.

If you would like to understand more about how we go about conducting customer experience research, please call us or email .

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