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We invest in the highest quality data collection technology

Using only the best data collection technology to ensure the highest level of service is delivered to our customers

February 11th 2015

Our passion for delivering top quality research to our clients means we ensure we’re investing in the latest and best technology for gathering data.

Did you know that we have an in-house purpose-designed 14-station CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing) unit running on the latest version of the Nebu data collection suite?

Why is this so exciting? It means we’re incredibly agile in collecting and reporting on data, with a single platform for use across all data collection methods and analysis software.

Excellent questionnaire quality control

Our Nebu software enables close monitoring of survey progress, with up-to-the-minute data against hard and soft quotas. It also prevents sampling bias e.g. (over-sampling of some groups or under-sampling of others) through automated sample management tools.

We apply IQCS-equivalent quality processes and ensure quality is applied at all interview stages.

Through our online management solution, data is available at any time during the fieldwork stage, enabling easy monitoring of results and providing early insights.

Digital call recordings

Clients can receive digital recordings of surveys (with the respondents’ permission), as all interviews are recorded. Our clients find this added benefit invaluable, and often use call recordings to support staff training.

We also offer live listening facilities so that our researchers and our clients can listen to calls live, enabling quality assessment of the survey call.

Working in partnership to support quality  

At all stages we partner with our clients to manage both the length and content of interviews so as to minimise the impact on respondents and deliver effective levels of engagement, through our care call approach.

Clients are welcome to be part of our briefing process and visit our call centre at any stage to witness how we work and our robust approach towards quality.

Maximising response rates

Achieving high response rates requires a combination of robust survey management and high quality interviewing. This is the norm for the TTi Global Research team - we often achieve response rates in excess of 45% for business surveys.

With our in-house call centre we can offer flexible, advanced data collection benefits, such as:

  • Interviews undertaken by appointment.
  • Interviewers can email respondents Q&A to overcome challenges such as confidentiality.
  • Our CATI software manages survey quotas in real time, ensuring that the sample frame is delivered effectively.
  • Our international reach supports opening for extended hours, providing respondents with choice and flexibility around their interview appointment.

Read more about our data collection methods and how CATI interviewing works. If you’d like to discuss your project with us, we’d love to hear from you.