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We help you to drive change in your business

To better understand and overcome your business challenges, market research can help you drive real, lasting changes in your company.

Understand your sector, your customers, staff and stakeholders with insightful research

Ensuring we provide clients with accurate, high quality research, supporting their objectives in a jargon-free manner is high on our agenda. We guide clients through the range of research tools available to deliver the insights they need, all supported by our extensive experience in business research.

Customer and Consumer Research Customers, consumers and competitor research

Conducting customer surveys, using different methodologies to identify drivers of customer satisfaction, competitor benchmarks and value expectations to support competitive advantage and attract new customers.

Our gap analysis methodology helps clients to understand which customer expectations are most important and how well they are being met.

Employee Research Employee and staff research

Understanding employee satisfaction and expectations, how greater levels of engagement can improve customer service, staff knowledge and enhance customer loyalty. We develop employee satisfaction surveys, staff retention surveys and recruitment evaluation surveys with our clients to ensure their objectives are met.

All employee surveys and research programmes identify staff perceptions across different employee groups, enabling actions to be easily identified.

Stakeholder Research Stakeholder research

Using stakeholder opinion surveys we are able to understand their requirements, measure perceptions and identify opportunities for improvement. Our robust approach towards gathering insight across stakeholders and opinion formers harnesses a range of research methods.

These consultations are often complex and need qualitative research solutions that really tease out the how and why of discussion topics and guide stakeholder expectations.

Internal Customer and Supplier Research Internal customer and supplier processes research

We use effective research to measure how well an internal customer is served. Our clients create synergies with their end customers and win/win situations through aligning a wholly customer focused organisation.

Through understanding supplier expectations, our clients are able to improve their supplier relationships, enhance stakeholder relationships and create long term value-adding relationships.

Internal Customer and Supplier Research Dealer and channel partner research

We have broad and successful experience measuring dealer and channel partner satisfaction. We enable automotive, commercial vehicle and motorcycle manufacturers to understand how satisfied their dealers are with Head Office relationships, National Sales Company services, marketing, customer support and a broad range of loyalty driving factors.