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Water Market Research

Ofwat’s price review has put water companies under pressure to provide an engaging and inclusive customer experience. PR19 sets tough new goals for the sector with targets ranging from improving customer service to enhancing support for vulnerable customers.

We have in-depth experience of helping UK water providers unlock customer expectations, enabling them to craft an excellent customer experience that enhances satisfaction and loyalty.

Applying a fully tailored research solution, we’re able to examine the customer journey in the round, isolating what consumers want at defining touchpoints across all channels, whether reporting a water leak to customer services, moving in or out of an area or querying a bill online. Our insights help companies understand their customer priorities and pinpoint exactly where change is needed to deliver an exceptional customer experience.   

Our quality-assured research solutions include:

Water Customer Research

  • Customer Surveys for improving satisfaction with customer-facing services, including water leaks, no water supply and supply interruptions, water meter installation and planned maintenance works and emergency repairs
  • Research to satisfy Ofwat C-MeX and D-MeX customer experience and customer service surveys
  • Customer Service Research
  • Billing Surveys
  • Complaints Handling Surveys
  • Customer needs analysis
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Customer value analysis
  • Stakeholder insight analysis

Water Stakeholder Research

We conduct perception research on behalf of water companies and member organisations with a diverse range of stakeholder groups, strengthening key relationships and improving project outcomes. This includes uncovering priorities of external stakeholders, such as local authorities, MPs, environmental partners, community groups and media, to underpin a successful engagement strategy.           

We also conduct a variety of internal stakeholder research, gaining satisfaction and engagement insights from employees, executive teams and investors, supporting better two-way communication around these groups’ needs and in turn nurturing company growth and improvement.  

Types of research studies include:

  • Performance measures
  • Acceptability research
  • Willingness to pay
  • Awareness and perception surveys
  • Customer Needs Research
  • Key Account Research
  • Exit Strategies

Case study: Custom stakeholder research programme for Water UK

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