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A value-added research approach

All our market research services are carried out by TTi Global’s world-leading in-house research team. Our researchers have wide experience of delivering qualitative and quantitative research programmes to consumer and business-to-business clients across global markets.

Insightful business research solutions

We collect and analyse market data so you can make informed decisions

TTi Global Research is a full service research agency. This means we’re able to design and conduct a comprehensive range of customer, employee, stakeholder and channel partner research projects from start to finish.

Each stage of our research process is audited for quality, assuring you of the highest standard of output data.

We offer the following market research planning processes:

Bespoke market research design and set-up

Our market research programmes are aligned to your target research objectives. We spend time understanding your business’ specific challenges to develop a research process that ensures you obtain:

  • actionable insights to drive change and enhance business results
  • an experienced research team who understand your sector
  • directly comparable competitor data

Project management

Our working style is one of partnership and collaboration ensuring an ever-developing understanding of your business and overall goals.

Our collaborative approach ensures we provide: 

  • flexible, open working practices
  • close adherence to quality processes, including quality management system ISO 9001:2008
  • continual communication and transparency     

Data collection

As one of the largest UK research organisations, we offer a huge array of data collection methods, including telephone and face-to-face interviews, online surveys, postal surveys, email surveys and mobile surveys.

We apply the appropriate methods to get you the results you need, ensuring:

  • high respondent participation
  • timely responses
  • valuable, detail-rich insights

Data analysis

All analysis and evaluation processes are tailored to your precise requirements. Our research design process delivers:

  • easily identifiable actions and priorities
  • visibility of different respondent groups and segments
  • advanced levels of insight and opportunity

Reporting solutions

We are committed to providing you with clear, easy to understand reporting solutions that enable actions to be easily identified. Our reporting solutions are:

  • designed to meet your requirements
  • visually compelling and easy to read
  • fully customised with your company’s corporate branding

Facilitation and action planning

We help you interpret the research findings and plan your next steps so you can drive positive change within your organisation. We can facilitate:

  • presentation of your research results
  • interpretation and contextualisation of your research
  • dedicated action planning workshops

To discuss your market research project, contact our research experts today on or simply complete the form below.