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Utilities Sector Update: Customer Satisfaction Benchmark Report

August 19th 2019

Our latest Customer Satisfaction Benchmark Report captures a full 24 months of data and Customer Experience insights, and you can download it for free. Discover how the Utilities sector performed…

For the last two years – from May 2017 to May 2019 - we’ve recorded, analysed and compared customer insights from an online survey of over 7,100 UK respondents across nine industry sectors, including 644 Utilities customers.

In this latest report, we provide:

  • A detailed comparison of how the Utilities sector measures up against nine other sectors, from Retail to Banking.
  • Unique insights into how the individual energy and water companies are performing, according to their customers, including British Gas, Anglian Water, SSE, and more.
  • The interactions and touchpoints that are increasing customer effort the most.
  • What Utilities customers really want from their energy providers.

Utilities Sector Update: Customer Satisfaction Benchmark Report

Key findings…

This latest snapshot report shows that overall customer satisfaction in the Utilities sector has dropped further, compared to previous reports, making it currently the fourth lowest-scoring sector out of the nine surveyed.

Call handling consistently received the highest customer effort score, across the two-year study - identifying it as a key driver of customer dissatisfaction out of those surveyed. ‘Making contact by phone’ was the customer interaction with the highest customer effort score, which makes it an essential touchpoint for action and improvement in the sector.

With customer problem handling at the crux of Utilities’ customer experience, excessive time on hold, complex automation systems, and passing customers from department to department have consistently been a driver of complaints. This report overwhelmingly highlights a greater need for companies to research their customers’ journey, particularly through call centre systems, in order to uncover where and why problems are occurring and identify the action needed to reduce customer effort.

What do Utilities customers really want?

By applying our advanced sentiment analysis models to the data collected, we have been able to cut right to the heart of the customer journey, identifying what customers really want out of their interactions at each touchpoint. With the Utilities sector in a constant state of flux, this report allows us to give Utilities providers a sense of how important customer research and analysis is to bring about meaningful and positive understanding of customer priorities, where changes are required, and how their customers perceive their organisation.

Find out which Utilities companies came out on top in 2019!


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TTi Global has over 30 years’ experience of market research in the utilities sector. As well as working with key utility regulators, we partner with some of the UK’s largest energy and water companies delivering a range of qualitative and quantitative research projects. These include regulatory approved market research and questionnaires, customer research and stakeholder research, daily customer satisfaction tracking, employee engagement research and competitor analysis.

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