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Utilities market research

Improve customer satisfaction and exceed regulator expectations with our tailored Market Research solutions

TTi has over three decades’ experience of conducting quality customer and market research for the UK utilities sector.

We work closely with a wide variety of electricity, gas and water companies delivering regulatory, customer, B2B, stakeholder and employee market research. Each solution – from the blend of research techniques to the questions put to respondents - is tailored to deliver actionable insights, helping bring about meaningful long-term change in customer and stakeholder satisfaction and advocacy.

Managing the Changing Energy Landscape with Research

Utility companies are under pressure to deliver on range of regulatory, consumer and expectations. Ofgem’s RIIO-2 framework and Ofwat’s price review (PR19) have set tough new price controls and customer engagement objectives for energy and water suppliers. Energy networks are also having to adapt to changes in the way we use and generate energy, whilst also working towards decarbonisation and developing the Smart Grid system.    

We help utility organisations, from transmission and distribution networks to water and sewerage companies, balance these challenges with penetrating research insights. Applying a rigorous custom research process, we cut out the noise to isolate customer and stakeholder priorities and preferences. As well as identifying which strategies to invest in for the best returns, our findings uncover the customer satisfaction drivers at key journey touchpoints, helping create a compelling customer experience.   

Our Utilities Research includes:

Leading Regulatory Research Providers

We have unrivalled experience of providing regulatory research for energy and water markets. As an MRS (Market Research Society) company partner and ISO 9001/2015 certified agency, we’re recognised for delivering the highest standard of sector analysis and insight. As well as applying regulator approved questionnaires and data collection techniques across all communication channels, our high-quality data reporting ensures companies satisfy all relevant regulatory conditions and requirements.

But it’s not just about achieving compliance, we determine the right research solution to equip companies with the building blocks for a strong customer-centric business. As well as making the process of regulated research faster and more cost efficient, we embed innovative research tools that put ‘customer-first’ at the forefront of your workforce thinking.   

Ofgem and RIIO-2 - Beyond Regulation

We help a diverse range of energy and water suppliers exceed Ofgem and Ofwat regulatory expectations.

Designing and implementing a bespoke research solution, we’re able to provide a continuous stream of insightful customer and stakeholder data supporting effective business planning. Alongside all relevant metrics needed to develop robust, evidence-based regulatory business plans, our insights support improvement of the end-to-end customer experience, increasing satisfaction and reducing churn.

How we add-value to your regulatory research:

  • Creating engagement channels with all relevant network stakeholders and consumers; allowing a two-way flow of communication that supports regulatory business planning and continuous business improvement  
  • Clear identification of consumer and stakeholder groups relevant to the regulatory framework and development of objectives against which views can be accurately measured
  • High quality ‘Voice of the Customer’ insights for developing effective, targeted communication plans for consumers and stakeholders on pertinent regulatory themes
  • Robust, compelling consumer and stakeholder data supporting the objectives of the business plan and clear presentation of results, helping secure successful business plan submission

To find out more about our utilities regulatory research, get in touch today – just use the contact form below.

Utilities Employee Satisfaction and Engagement Research

Determining drivers of employee satisfaction and employee engagement – the extent to which individuals and teams invest and care about your company – delivers far-reaching benefits. An engaged workforce is not only more productive but more likely to go the extra-mile when it comes to giving stand-out customer service, improving customer satisfaction and word-of-mouth recommendations.

We carry out a wide array of tailored employee research both for individual utility companies and the wider utilities sector in our unique cross-sector benchmarking reports

Our employee research solutions for energy and water companies include:  

To find out more about our utilities employee research, get in touch today – just use the contact form below.

Utilities Sector and Competitor Benchmarking

TTi are skilled in competitive benchmarking market research and have in-depth experience of conducting competitor research for energy and water companies. Applying quality-led, advanced research methodologies we can uncover how you perform against closest competitors and the defining service points and interactions to develop to get ahead.

As well as carrying out bespoke competitor analysis for companies, we conduct our own exclusive cross-sector customer satisfaction benchmarking reports, tracking satisfaction and loyalty trends across 11 sectors, including utilities. Our statistics are reported and referenced regularly by government regulators, including Ofgem.

Whether you would like to commission your own benchmarking report or find out more about our cross-sector benchmarking analysis, get in touch today using the contact form below.

Why TTi Global?

  • Utilities Research Specialists – Experienced MRS-accredited research agency providing complete range of qualitative and quantitative research methods
  • Knowledgeable Team – Our team has over 30 years’ experience delivering regulated and non-regulated research programmes for companies spanning energy and utilities, including gas distribution networks, electricity distribution network operators (DNOs), electric transmission companies and water suppliers and stakeholder organisations.
  • Enterprise-Grade Surveys – We excel at designing and implementing large scale custom research solutions, drawing data from multiple reliable sources to get the answers you need
  • Multi-mode Data Collection – We provide a full range of interview tools, including CATI telephone interviews, online surveys and postal surveys, as well as deep-dive face-to-face interviews and customer focus groups
  • Innovative Technologies – We apply cutting-edge research techniques and develop bespoke online reporting solutions for our utility clients, enabling companies to track satisfaction performance in real-time across different geographical areas, business functions and job roles.


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TTi Global is registered with Achilles. Achilles operates the UVDB supplier management service on behalf of all the major UK utility organisations.