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Utilities market research

Utilities and Power distribution are sectors we have significant experience in. We work with various power distribution companies, network operators supporting regulated and non-regulated customer and stakeholder research.

Our regulatory research experience extends across the following sectors:

  • Electricity
  • Gas
  • Water
  • Rail
  • Police

Providing research to leading energy companies

Utilities, gas and regulatory research

We work with various power distribution companies and network operators. This involves supporting regulated and non-regulated customer and stakeholder research.

Previous experience has included small high-value projects and delivering tracking research across every day of the year. We are currently providing customer research daily for some of the UK leading energy companies.

Significant experience in the utilities and power distribution sectors

TTi Research supports all UK Regulated Gas Distribution Customer Research. Our teams deliver measures of satisfaction across service areas and touch points. We apply regulatory approved questionnaires and data collection channels. It is our aim to ensure clients receive robust results and are confident in our high quality data reported to different regulatory bodies.

Going beyond regulations

Our research generates change and enhance customer perceptions, going beyond regulation. Using appropriate analysis techniques we develop a clear understanding of different customer groups. This enables targeted action planning to those customers and stakeholders who will have the most impact on satisfaction. 

RIIO – Revenue = Incentive + Innovation + Outputs

This incentive mechanism, applied by Ofgem is an essential series of measures applied across the power sector. Through working closely with our customers we have embraced their challenges and provided a continuous stream of insightful data. And our innovative online reporting solutions ensure data is available on demand.

Regulatory research skills and experience:

  • Our people – knowledgeable and flexible to your needs
  • Our processes – robust, quality orientated and consistent
  • Our data management – we excel at writing sampling solutions for large programmes, drawing data from multiple sources
  • Our data analysis – we review data and add value, applying insightful techniques
  • Our industry knowledge – gained through a number of years’ experience working with regulated research programmes
  • Our technical abilities – we build and implement communications solutions for transferring documents between us
  • Our reporting solution – we build and develop bespoke online geomapping and data visualisation solutions for our clients    

Research solutions for the utilities sector:

Some of the solutions supporting customer and stakeholder understanding we provide in the Utilities Sector are:

  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Stakeholder surveys
  • Customer value surveys
  • Switching research
  • Customer Satisfaction Tracking - using a suite of multi-mode data collection approaches, (CATI, Web based interviews, postal etc.)
  • Measuring competitor services
  • Employee satisfaction and engagement
  • Supplier relationship research - supporting understanding of the long term relationship factors and key drivers of partnering
  • Internal customer service measurement
  • Qualitative interviews - using face-to-face and telephone techniques

Our utilities and regulatory research clients include:


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TTi Global is registered with Achilles. Achilles operates the UVDB supplier management service on behalf of all the major UK utility organisations.