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Utilities Customer Benchmark Bulletin - August 2018

October 20th 2018

Download a printable one-pager on the key Customer Satisfaction insights for the Utilities Sector from TTi Global's 12-Month Benchmarking Survey 2017-18

Our Utilities Benchmark Bulletin gives you all the essential 'in a nutshell' information on how the sector performed between June 2017 and June 2018 and reveals the customer interactions that delighted and disappointed customers the most, as well as how the sector scored overall for quality of service and customer satisfaction in comparison to other sectors of industry. 

Respondents were asked to provide customer satisfaction and customer effort ratings, as well as answer questions about loyalty and recommendation intentions relating to their interactions with different service providers.

Customer Interactions - Best and Worst

The data we collected over the 12 month research period suggests that, overall, the Utilities sector has seen minor improvement in overall customer satisfaction, with Water providers coming out on top. When we look closely at the data, it is possible to pinpoint the customer interactions that pleased customers the most, as well as the interactions with the most room for improvement.

Utilities Top Interactions

  • Reporting a problem
  • Customer Service
  • Changing Supplier
  • Meter Problems
  • Disruption to your day

Utilities Lowest Performing Interactions

  • Installing a SMART Meter
  • Staff Knowledge
  • Repairs/Emergency Work
  • Ease of Contact
  • Paying a Bill

How did your Company Score? Key Takeaways for the Utilities Sector

Reduce Customer Effort to Improve Satisfaction - Examining your customers' journey is key to raising satisfaction and research is crucial to understanding the customer experience at each touch-point. Optimising the journey to reach a swift, effective resolution will help create contented consumers who are much more likely to stay loyal to a company brand. 

Utilities Companies are not all Equal - Our researchers were able to use the results from the Benchmarking survey to rank the Utilities providers referenced by the sample from best to worst, and noticed some disparities in performance from company to company. Download the full report for free to delve into more detailed insights and get tailored advice on how to improve customer satisfaction in the Utilities Sector.

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Download the August 2018 Utilities Benchmark Bulletin

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