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Using customer research to ensure your business sparkles beyond Christmas

Our market research can show you what your customers think of you after the busy Christmas period

December 18th 2015, by louisa

The Christmas period is one of the busiest for most businesses who operate in B2C markets. In 2014 UK shoppers spend over £70 billion in this period, with this figure predicted to rise again in 2015. As one of the most important time of year for many companies it’s vital to keep loyal customers satisfied by making sure you understand them.

Insightful customer research

At TTi we offer a wide range of solutions for customer research. We recommend core customer research objectives should include:

  • Understanding the ‘ideal’ service – a view of what the ideal provider should look like in your market place
  • Measuring the customer's actual experience in comparison to competitors where appropriate
  • Identifying where the largest gaps in service provision are
  • Identifying where relevant actions need to be implemented
  • Tracking performance and service standards
  • Integrating customer feedback with other relevant customer data

Why not take the opportunity in 2016 to look at your customer satisfaction and understand what is most important to your customers. This enables you to start implementing changes and improving areas that our research insight has flagged.

Retaining loyal customers and gaining new ones

Our customer research can also analyse your referral systems or show you that your customers would use one. This can help you attract new customers, and encourage existing customer loyalty.

Customer research works effectively in a repeated cycle. The more data you collect over a time period the easier it is to compare and see the areas you need to strengthen, it also can show you what time of the year you are strongest in. By looking at customer satisfaction throughout the year and benchmarking it against your data from the Christmas period, you can see if you were making the most of the busiest time of consumer spending.

Enhance loyalty, customer satisfaction and service

To succeed you must deliver excellent service to your customers benchmarked against your competitors. We develop customer research to improve customer satisfaction, enhance loyalty goals and understand market position.

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Customer research at Christmas and beyond

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