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Understanding and Improving Employee Engagement

We critique and improve this national businesses’ existing employee research, helping them develop an effective, actionable employee engagement model and programme.

The problem:

A large business has previously conducted employee research internally and used a consultant to interpret their results, they want to move this process to a wider audience of staff and create actionable outputs that not only measure engagement but also gather commentary around the scores provided be they excellent or poor.

How we could help:

Our employee engagement model supports organisations at different stages of their maturity using engagement research. Through developing the research design, testing with groups of staff, communicating effectively and administering attractive on line questionnaires we achieve effective response rates of up to 71%. Following analysis and interim reporting our team meet with groups of staff and carry out workshops to draw on deep seated areas of best practice and challenges in their working environment.

The result:

The business has an actionable understanding of what is engaging their employees and the areas they need to enhance to drive improved engagement in different functional areas and across different employee groups identified in our granular engagement analysis.