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Turning Interaction into Insight with Sentiment Analysis.

See TTi Research’s YVOS (Your Voice Opinion Survey) in action for this multinational project development and construction group.

The Client

TTi Research was commissioned by a leading worldwide construction firm – one of the UK’s top contractors – to use its innovative sentiment employee research ‘YVOS’ programme to analyse up to three hundred open-ended survey comments.

Business Requirements

Developing a process of sifting through verbatim survey comments to unlock the insights needed to inform decision-makers. This includes:

  • Categorising comments into core subject areas – To narrow down large volumes of language information into key subject areas for analysis.
  • Analysing comments to understand the sentiment behind each one – To identify and categorise subjective opinions expressed by respondents in order to accurately determine whether the writers’ attitudes are positive, negative, or neutral.
  • Categorising comments and applying frequency counts to gauge the volume of comments by each topic area – To provide a clear and quantifiable picture of how respondents feel (their ‘sentiment’) about each subject/theme and turn it into a digestible, data-led summary to be used in tandem with hard-data findings.

How Research Helped

Priority areas for action planning are those with the lowest sentiment score
Priority areas for action planning are those with the lowest sentiment score

Using our YVOS programme, TTi Research was able to allocate a sentiment score to each subject area identified, to illustrate to what degree employee responses about a topic were positive or negative.

We were then able to review each subject area and sentiment score individually to uncover the granular details and, where responses fell into ‘fairly negative’ or ‘very negative’ categories, the reasons behind the low sentiment score.


Analysis of the overall sentiment behind employee comments provided the organisation with crisp understanding how its employees felt when submitting their answers and which areas the company needs to prioritise for improvement.

Through TTi’s application of sentiment analysis, the company was able to identify:

  • Worst Problem Areas
  • Areas to Improve
  • Areas to Prioritise

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