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TTi Global Outsourcing

In addition to delivering high quality research services to our own client base, we at TTi Global support our colleagues and clients across three business pillars to drive change.

Outsourcing solutions

Many of our client objectives include improving operating efficiencies and cost reduction. TTi Outsourcing solutions enable a seamless and cost effective approach to providing outsource staff, supporting objectives.

Research helps organisations understand where and how to deploy outsource staff, through applying different applications, that guide business understanding of where additional resource will have the most impact on business results.

Our value adding process ensures all outsource staff are of high calibre and can be placed in a timely manner.

Customer Requirement Processes

The processes we apply ensuring customer requirements are met include:

  • A team of in house staff validating our candidate skill base
  • On line and face to face candidate assessment and management - reducing time to placement
  • A blend of local, regional and international sourcing
  • Significant sector expertise, enabling a clear understanding of customer needs
  • Placements of 1 up to 500 staff

Outsourcing Services

Outsourcing Services provided to our clients include:

  • Learning Delivery and Academy Management
  • Vehicle Sales Performance Improvement
  • Parts Sales Performance Improvement
  • Service & Process Performance Improvement
  • Warranty Support
  • Accident Repair Performance Improvement
  • Technical Services
  • Contact Centre Operations
  • Dealer Process and Performance Improvement (DPI)
  • Network Development Activities