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TTi Global Consulting

In addition to delivering high quality research services to our own client base, we at TTi Global support our colleagues and clients across three business pillars to drive change.

Consulting services from research specialists

Our consulting activities often start using research as the tool to understand and guide where our specialists can help overcome business challenges, support implementation of actions and create improvement.

We have experience and help resolve business challenges such as:

  • Customer service management
  • Poor performing sales teams
  • Poor performing business units
  • Staff management

Examples include our Dealer Performance Improvement (DPI) programme. Clarity and understanding of dealer / channel partner performance is gained though customer research, measuring all areas of customer interaction across organisation touch points.

Outputs from the research identify areas for action taking. DPI has been applied in many of our automotive clients, supporting poor dealer performance in sales and service, assisting new dealers and those who sit beneath thresholds of agreed performance.

DPI dealers average customers satisfaction improvement is higher than national average improvement in sales and service.

Our clients have been happy to provide testimony of our services:

“The DPPi team is a professional and responsible team. They had done a great job and provide many effective measure and supervision.”

“The DPPi coaching is great. They helped us find our problems and then we work together to solve these problem. The consultants showed their respect of our work. Thank you”

“The DPPi consultants are professional, serious and responsible, they helped us a lot for improve our performance. We benefit from their job."

“We value DPPi program which promoting dealer’s server ice capacity and achievement performance, and believe this program could change dealer’s management and improvement”

“What we appreciate is the valuable instructions and suggestions form DPPi experts, and we will do the best to work with those experts. Through this opportunity, we are striving to conduct better work on every aspects”

“Many thanks to you and your team for helping us to improve our performance and to increases our profitability”

“After you visited our company and provided your guidance in February, I clearly noticed that our management team has now a clear vision of what to do”

“I believe that all our staff will realise the importance of their work, and their positive attitude and spirit will make a positive influence to Jaguar and Land Rover brand”