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TTi creates the Dealer Relationship Survey (DRS) used by 15 Global Automotive Manufacturers

The international dealer relationship survey that delivers in-depth market insights

The Dealer Relationship Survey (DRS) is an international survey created and managed by TTi Global Research, it was set up in 2007 to support manufactures measure their dealer relationship and take action to enhance satisfaction. Since 2007 our team has developed comprehensive in-depth knowledge of dealer orientated research supported by a rigorous quality system and research process driven through technology.

14 automotive brands participated in the survey in 2015 and another is joining in 2016. Currently DRS operates in 39 countries worldwide, 29 within Europe.

The Challenge

A challenge that automotive brands find is consistently improving and maintaining all their dealer operations in their active markets. Dealer satisfaction can vary from market to market and it is vital to consistently measure all active markets applying a common template, with capability to implement local actions.

How we can help

DRS is a program which enables automotive manufactures to compare their dealer satisfaction across Europe and additional markets year on year. The aim is to identify dealer perceptions, manage disloyalty and measure dealer satisfaction. This involves investigating the attributes of the relationship that exist s in the dealer/manufacture environment. 

One of the main benefits DRS brings is the ability to benchmark against other automotive manufactures. This enables brands to see how they rank and in what areas and markets their competitors are strong. Another key benefit is that brands can request data of rival brands who aren’t a member of DRS -  providing a comprehensive benchmark of the market.

Benefiting from the outcomes

By participating companies can benefit from:

  • Being part of a shared and consist process
  • A larger representative set of comparable data
  • The ability to benchmark data against selected competitors
  • Have input and flexibility in the questions set, with personalised and brand relevant data

We seek to add value for the brands who are participating at each stage. Our staff are a credit to this, they deliver high quality program management and an individual service to each client.

DRS is a program which assists automotive manufactures asses and compare their strengths and weaknesses in worldwide markets benchmarked against the industry.

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