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Transform Your Customer Service with Customer Experience Quality Analysis (CEQA)

October 11th 2016

Delivering exceptional customer experience has never been more critical. Today’s connected customers have mobile technology and they’re not afraid to use it. A negative review posted on social media has the potential to reach a global audience of millions in a few hours, triggering further complaints and untold reputational damage. So, in the age of the quick-fingered customer, how do you meet your customers’ expectations to get ahead? Say hello to Customer Experience Quality Analysis (CEQA).

In this hyper-connected world, the customer is more than King. The rapid take-up of smartphones and other technology, not only enables us to share negative customer experiences 24/7 but sign up to a better deal – whether it’s our mobile, insurance, bank, utility or home shopping provider – at the touch of a button.      

According to Harris Interactive, statistics show that 86% of consumers stopped doing business with a company because of a bad customer experience, up from 59% four years ago. While 89% of consumers began doing business with a competitor following a poor customer experience.

To win connected customers, organisations need to constantly examine, enhance and re-invent their processes to keep consumers happy and drive loyalty. But the technology revolution has complicated the customer research process too. A simple post-purchase survey won’t unlock the depth of insight required to create stronger, sustainable customer relationships and boost company growth. It requires looking at the customer journey in the round, across every interaction, across every communication channel, across every relationship – business to consumer and business to business.

CEQA – Understanding and transforming customer experience 

TTi Global Research is helping organisations do just this. Understanding that different customer groups have different wants, needs and values, its Customer Experience Quality Analysis system allows companies to harness customer insights across all touchpoints.

, Commercial Director at TTi Global Research, says: “The CEQA framework is the most precise way to measure the quality of customer experience. The methodology places the customer at the centre of the design and tracks each phase of their interactions, from when a customer is searching for a brand online and their purchase experience – either online or instore, through to their consumption and after-sale experience.

“CEQA is being used successfully by countless organisations, from smaller local businesses to global enterprises, to help understand and align with their customers’ values and improve levels of customer satisfaction and advocacy.”

TTi Global’s CEQA methodology combines the Parasuraman, Zeithaml and Berry (PZB) gap analysis model with the most effective gap analysis techniques developed from 25 years of delivering end-to-end customer research for brands.

The CEQA difference

Unlike customer research which simply measures customer perception or agreement with something a company does, CEQA targets customers’ specific requirements and decision-making criteria. This enables organisations to understand and differentiate customer types, in turn allowing them to personalise their customer experience, foster closer customer relationships and access new lucrative customer segments.  

Additional benefits of CEQA include:

  • Customer expectations – understanding your customers’ expectations and their importance in the context of your organisation and other similar organisations, such as your competitors.
  • Customer wants – insight as to what technical innovation your customers want - such as self-service applications - and what is likely to disrupt, helping you to stay ahead.
  • Organisational improvements – identification of what you do well, areas for improvement and what you could do less of, saving time and resources.
  • Customer experience adaptation - intelligence predicting change before the market detects it, allowing you to adapt your customer experience early gaining competitive advantage.

This forensic level of customer understanding not only allows organisations to deliver enhanced marketing messages to attract and retain more customers but discover the exact quality of customer experience required that drives a customer to repurchase and/or recommend a particular product or service.

In the challenge to win connected customers, CEQA is one way organisations can understand, adapt and cultivate closer customer relationships.

How well do you know your customers?

See the world from your customers’ point of view with TTi Global’s CEQA research system.

Our leading research team can manage all aspects of your customer research programme, from designing and conducting your customer analysis, to delivering actionable insights to kick-start new growth.

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