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Telecoms Customer Benchmark Bulletin - October 2018

October 29th 2018

Download a printable one-pager on the key Customer Satisfaction insights for the Telecoms Sector from TTi Global's 12-Month Benchmarking Survey 2017-18

This Benchmark Bulletin includes the most essential data and insights for the UK Telecoms sector, including its overall performance, how the sector measures up against other industries, and the interactions that impressed customers the most, as well as the ones that left them the most frustrated.

Survey respondents were asked to provide customer satisfaction and customer effort ratings, as well as answer questions about loyalty and recommendation intentions relating to their interactions with Telecoms providers.

Telecoms Sector Satisfaction in a Nutshell

Top Interactions

  • Making a payment
  • Effective Website
  • Making Account Changes
  • Ease of Contact
  • Ordering New Phone/Broadband/TV

Improvements Needed

  • Customer Service
  • Staff Knowledge
  • Phone Hold Time
  • Reporting a Problem
  • Difficulty Cancelling Contract/Arrangement

How Did Your Company Score? Key Takeaways for the Telecoms Sector

  • High Customer Effort = Low Satisfaction- customers indicated that they were required to put in a large amount of effort to achieve their desired outcome on a range of interactions. The survey report identifies several tangible telecommunication customer pain points. These range from difficulty cancelling contracts and moving to lower tariffs, to problems taking too long to resolve or not being resolved at all.
  • Knowledge is Power - The report shows that customers were highly satisfied with their telecommunications providers help in choosing the best deal and explanation of alternative tariffs. Customers were also very satisfied with the demeanour of customer service representatives, mentioning that calls were answered straight away, and staff were friendly, efficient and professional.

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