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Insights into Voice of the Customer Stories

ASOS’s perfect customer experience ruined by delivery companies?

February 12th 2018

Voice of the customer story: This customer had an almost-perfect customer experience when ordering via ASOS’s mobile app. But what can the online fashion retailer do to improve satisfaction with delivery?

SSE’s Smart Metering Installation Experience sets the Standard for Other UK Energy Companies

January 22nd 2018

Here’s one customer’s feedback about their Smart Meter Installation experience with Scottish energy company, SSE

How Hyundai's Service and Communication Turned a Customer into an Advocate

January 16th 2018

This driver had a great experience when taking their Hyundai in for a service at a main dealership.

 A Real Customer's Experience with Service Consistency Across Stores

January 16th 2018

Here's one Sainsbury's customer's real-life experience with varying degrees of customer service in two of its UK-wide stores.