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Insights into Stakeholder

How to Inform Your Business Strategy with Gap Analysis

April 28th 2018

How RDL Corporation Achieved their Strategic Growth Objectives with TTi Gap Analysis Research

Customers Name the UK's Best and Worst Financial Services Providers

April 28th 2018

TTi Global's latest customer satisfaction survey uncovers the companies at the top and bottom of the list, as well as the interactions which delighted, or infuriated, customers the most.

Download our white paper and find out how to use AR to engage customers and employees.

March 20th 2018

Download our white paper and find out how to use AR to engage customers and employees.


September 6th 2016

Whether you’re a profit-focused e-commerce website or a not-for-profit social enterprise, if you have a business, you have stakeholders. Knowing who your stakeholders are and identifying their specific needs is the first step to securing your company’s success.

The Importance of Tailored Market Research

July 7th 2016

In today’s digitally connected world, DIY online research surveys satisfy our appetite for instant gratification – quick to assimilate, quick to issue and quick to respond. But is propelling your market research into hyper-drive the way forward?

The TTI Integrated research solution

April 15th 2016

Gain knowledge and understand more about what drives your customers, employees and stakeholders

February 10th 2016

Technology, challenges and innovation in data collection methods

Stakeholder research

January 25th 2016

Identifying your stakeholder’s requirements and how they should be delivered is an essential area of governance for many organisations.

Which data collection method?

October 1st 2013

Unsure which data collection method to use for your market research? We've listed out the pros and cons of face-to-face, telephone, postal and online interviews.