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Insights into Employee

April 15th 2020

In the last few weeks, we’ve received queries from clients and prospective clients asking about conducting research at this time – to help, we’ve collated some Q&As.

Challenges of delivering employee experience

March 25th 2020

As part of our research work in helping employee experience personnel identify and understand employees’ needs, we get clear insight into the internal and external challenges they face.

The role of market research in uncertain times

November 18th 2019

How effective market research can help your business survive Brexit uncertainty.

5 Strategies for Increasing Employee Engagement in the Engineering Sector

October 16th 2019

Converting disengaged employees is one of the best long-term strategies an organisation can take for improving financial performance and productivity, whatever your sector.

Employee Q&A: Engineering Staff Engagement Benchmark Bulletin

October 9th 2019

Engineering workers don’t care about your company goals, but they crave the power to make their own decisions. Our Employee Satisfaction Benchmark Survey reveals the engagement factors Engineering employees value the most.

Employee Insights Revealed: Manufacturing Sector Scores Lowest in Job Satisfaction

September 4th 2019

In the latest bulletin from our ongoing Employee Benchmarking Survey, Manufacturing sector employees revealed low levels of engagement and satisfaction, as well as shifting priorities.

Overwhelmed by Customer Survey Comments? Make Sense of it all with Sentiment Analysis.

February 16th 2019

A common question for researchers and businesses undertaking customer, employee and other stakeholder satisfaction surveys is: What do we do with all these comments?

Research Revealed: 3 Winning Ingredients for Employee Engagement

December 28th 2018

Our latest Employee Benchmarking Report reveals the most crucial factors that drove employee engagement in 2018 (and they’re surprisingly simple). 

Utilities Skills Crisis: Is Employee Disengagement Partly to Blame?

December 7th 2018

Findings from our latest employee engagement survey reveal that some of the UK’s most disengaged employees work in the Energy and Utilities Sector.

Why Employee Engagement is the new Employee Satisfaction in 2018

November 15th 2018

Employee Satisfaction – tracking it, improving it, monitoring it – has been a strategic priority for companies over the years, but it’s time to switch focus