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Insights into Customer

The role of market research in uncertain times

November 18th 2019

How effective market research can help your business survive Brexit uncertainty.

Improve tenant satisfaction with housing association market research support

November 1st 2019

How TTi Global Research can help meet the demands of modern Housing Associations with in-depth surveys and detailed insights

Utilities Sector Update: Customer Satisfaction Benchmark Report

August 19th 2019

Our latest Customer Satisfaction Benchmark Report captures a full 24 months of data and Customer Experience insights, and you can download it for free.

Think you Don't Need Customer Research? It's Time to Think Again...

July 9th 2019

It shines a spotlight on customer problems, makes strategic decision-making easier and provides a framework for improving customer satisfaction and sales.

The One CX Research Strategy Every Brand Should Know

June 11th 2019

While traditional customer experience survey templates are effective for getting a snapshot of service at a certain point in time, bringing about a step-change in company culture needs a progressiv

The True Cost of Losing a Customer (and How to Keep Them for Good)

May 22nd 2019

And why it’s cheaper to spend more on customer retention.

Overwhelmed by Customer Survey Comments? Make Sense of it all with Sentiment Analysis.

February 16th 2019

A common question for researchers and businesses undertaking customer, employee and other stakeholder satisfaction surveys is: What do we do with all these comments?

7 Essential Tips for Boosting your B2B Market Research in 2019

January 21st 2019

Want to increase business with existing B2B customers? Generate more high value leads? Break new sales territories? The answer lies in effective B2B market research. 

Customer Satisfaction Data in the UK, bulletin January 2019

January 7th 2019

Download the latest insights from our first customer satisfaction Benchmark Bulletin of 2019

Telecoms customer satisfaction Bulletin report

October 29th 2018

Download a printable one-pager on the key Customer Satisfaction insights for the Telecoms Sector from TTi Global's 12-Month Benchmarking Survey