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Insights into Benchmark Data

Sector Spotlight: Customer Satisfaction Benchmarking in the Telecoms Sector

November 7th 2017

Our latest customer satisfaction benchmarking data shows that customer service in the UK's Telecommunications sector was perceived as worse than that provided by the Utilities sector.

Customer Satisfaction Benchmark Survey: June - August 2017

October 17th 2017

Read the top findings from TTi Global’s latest Customer Satisfaction Trend Survey (Jun-Aug 2017), which captures customers’ perceptions of a wide range of industry sectors, including Automotive, Utilities, Leisure and Retail.

Sector Spotlight: Utilities - Customer Satisfaction Becnhmark Data in the Utilities Sector

October 5th 2017

New customer satisfaction research by TTi Global on customers’ perceptions of their utilities providers shows that the ‘higher the customer effort, the lower the customer satisfaction’.