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Insights into Benchmark Data

October 15th 2020

To help you understand how 411 of us feel, and how our views compare with your organisation, we have taken part in TTi Global’s employee benchmark survey.

October 7th 2020

To help you understand how 215 of us feel, and how our views compare with your organisation, we have taken part in TTi Global’s employee benchmark survey.

September 22nd 2020

This report focuses on data captured from the last month within the Construction, Plumbing, and Electrical sector against the overall cross sector sample.

Financial Services Research Bulletin

August 19th 2020

The financial services sector has faced unprecedented challenges on multiple fronts during the coronavirus period. 

Distribution Research Bulletin Report Cover

July 8th 2020

Distribution has become a much more critical sector during the coronavirus pandemic. This report highlights some of the shifts in customer perception and satisfaction. 

CX Influence Report

May 26th 2020

How does the way your customer view your organisation impact growth, market leadership, advocacy and make your business stand out from competitors? Customer experience should be second to none.

Customer Satisfaction in Financial Services

March 6th 2020

Free 20-page report plus actionable strategies for banks and insurance providers to create a great customer experience.

Employee Q&A: Engineering Staff Engagement Benchmark Bulletin

October 9th 2019

Engineering workers don’t care about your company goals, but they crave the power to make their own decisions. Our Employee Satisfaction Benchmark Survey reveals the engagement factors Engineering employees value the most.

Employee Insights Revealed: Manufacturing Sector Scores Lowest in Job Satisfaction

September 4th 2019

In the latest bulletin from our ongoing Employee Benchmarking Survey, Manufacturing sector employees revealed low levels of engagement and satisfaction, as well as shifting priorities.

Utilities Sector Update: Customer Satisfaction Benchmark Report

August 19th 2019

Our latest Customer Satisfaction Benchmark Report captures a full 24 months of data and Customer Experience insights, and you can download it for free.