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Tackling Employee Disengagement with Learning and Development

June 28th 2017

What's the actual cost of employee disengagement? And how can you revive engagement with L&D?

It’s well documented that disengaged employees have a direct negative impact on companies’ bottom lines. And if you think your employees aren’t affected, engagement figures from Gallup show that just 13% of employees worldwide are engaged with the companies they work for.

Staff disengagement costs companies dearly across a range of business outcomes, including:

Higher Employee Turnover – Disengaged employees are likely to move on quicker, increasing recruitment spend CEB report that one disconnected staff member costs UK employers £16,000 in turnover costs. It also increases time and resources spent on-boarding new employees that don’t work out

Unproductive Employees – Keeping employees focused on the job in hand is impossible if they don’t feel connected or listened to by the company they work for.

On the flip side, engaged employees who feel valued and appreciated are likely to work harder, helping the organisation gain commercial advantage. Gallup’s survey of almost 50,000 work units shows that companies in the top quartile in employee engagement are 22% more profitable and 21% more productive than work units in the bottom quartile.

Learning and Development = Happier, More Productive Employees

Just as customers have high expectations for customer service, employees have expectations for the work culture they are entering, not least, access to supplemental training opportunities. But many organisations are still falling at the first hurdle by continuing to offer linear career paths.

Glyn Luckett, Commercial Director here at TTi Global, says:

“Flat, uninspiring career paths based on infrequent promotion opportunities aren’t going to win hearts and minds of today’s workers."

“Just as organisations need to sharpen their customer experience to engender advocacy and more sales, so they need to refine their employee experience to retain talented, valuable members. This begins with identifying distinct types of employees, their individual learning needs and crafting a clear, visible learning and progression pathway.”

Defeat Disengagement! Four Learning and Development Tips

  • Comprehensive, yet Customisable, Learning Strategy – Develop an all-encompassing learning framework for your people that delivers a consistent level of development yet allows tailoring to individual workers and circumstances. The framework should show clear links as to how a development initiative relates to an employee’s current and future roles. Tailored development plans are particularly important for keeping super-productive, star performers – who make up around 20% of a workforce – engaged, motivated and primed for leadership roles.
  • Blended Learning Approach – How you deliver learning content has a considerable influence on its impact. Implement a blended learning programme - or appoint specialists in modern learning principles such as TTi Global to create one for you - that mixes formal and informal training with social and self-taught approaches. This allows people to learn when and how they want, maximizing engagement.
  • Consult Employees – Make your people part of the solution; gather employees’ opinions during the learning curriculum development phase. Involving staff in decision-making will help ensure the learning programme is the right fit and encourage ownership of the initiative, making it more likely to succeed.    
  • Support External Learning and Development – Provide external learning and development outside an employee’s area of responsibility. For example, a CSR programme focused on reducing the company’s environmental impact, involvement in a local or global charitable project or time to pursue an external professional qualification.

Alongside boosting employee motivation and engagement, external opportunities that nurture personal growth, help attract and retain the best employees.

Ready to Enhance Your Employee Experience?

TTi Global has over two decades’ experience helping organisations deliver effective, measurable world-class learning and development programmes.

Our highly skilled learning consultants work with you from the outset, identifying your people and commercial challenges and creating a unique learning development framework to signpost development options at each stage of your employees’ careers.

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