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Stakeholder Research Programme for Water UK

Water UK asked us to help gain fresh understanding of stakeholder perceptions and expectations across a variety of key industry stakeholder groups.

About Water UK

Water UK is a membership organisation which engages with companies and regulators to ensure customers receive high quality tap water at a reasonable price and that the environment is protected and improved. Water UK’s activities involve high-level consultation and policy work, such as submitting recommendations to strengthen the Environment Bill. They also issue technical guidance notes on behalf of the industry and run public-facing campaigns, such as ‘Love Water’, fostering public support for safeguarding water resources for the future.  

Research Objectives

Building and sustaining effective stakeholder relationships is key for fulfilling Water UK’s objectives.

Our research goals included:

  • Providing quality insight into how key industry stakeholders perceive Water UK and their understanding of its role and purpose
  • Pinpointing what drives stakeholders’ perceptions and how those influences could be changed   
  • Identifying key drivers of stakeholder satisfaction and engagement with a series of clear improvement actions to enhance stakeholder feeling

TTi Global’s Research Solution and Approach  

Our solution was to develop a tailored research solution involving multiple qualitative interviews with senior stakeholders.

Our highly trained interviewers conducted the interviews by appointment either face-to-face or via telephone. Question sets probed all aspects of stakeholders’ understanding of Water UK’s role and position, from their perception of what Water UK do, to what they expect of Water UK, its strategy and team in the future.

The questioning also tackled practical questions supporting Water UK’s development and implementation of an effective over-arching stakeholder engagement strategy. Including uncovering stakeholders’ preferred contact method, frequency of interaction, the level of engagement expected and dialogue on issues they wanted going forward.

Impact of Research Results

The analysis delivered clear insight into strength and weaknesses of Water UK’s stakeholder relationships with evidence-based recommendations on how to improve stakeholder engagement and satisfaction.  

Our analysis included:

  • Identification of all key stakeholder groups, including Government, Regulators, NGOs, Partners, Media and Customers
  • Understanding of each stakeholder group’s wants and needs and expected level of engagement from Water UK
  • Recognition of significant stakeholder contact touch points and which hold the most value, enabling Water UK to build on these activities, enhancing stakeholder feeling and solidifying perceptions of what Water UK do and how they add value
  • A focussed 12-month action plan of activities to enhance stakeholder understanding of Water UK’s role and remit, increasing external awareness and credibility  

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