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Stakeholder opinion research

Identifying stakeholder requirements and perceptions has become increasingly important as companies seek to understand more about their relationships with groups and organisations that have an influence over their success.

We undertake all aspects of stakeholder opinion research, helping you define and understand your key stakeholder issues, evaluate and enhance stakeholder relations and manage your corporate reputation effectively.   

Define and understand your key stakeholder and opinion maker needs

Research and consultation with your key stakeholders, from employees and end customers through to MPs and the community members, allows you to set actionable priorities, benchmark the position of your company against competitors and/or peer groups and demonstrate the impact of your core business and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities.

We have extensive experience supporting UK and overseas organisations develop and carry out in-depth research with a broad range of stakeholders and opinion formers, enabling them to:

  • Understand and develop effective organisational positioning strategies
  • Measure overall reputation against competitors and industry peers
  • Understand and provide insight on the effectiveness of business and CSR initiatives
  • Investigate stakeholders' understanding and opinions of emerging issues
  • Evaluate appropriate positioning of initiatives and partnerships
  • Assess the effectiveness of internal and external communications
  • Identify stakeholders' expectations for the future

Our approach to stakeholder opinion research includes a combination of accurate, high quality qualitative and quantitative research and is determined through your research objectives and requirements. We have broad experience of conducting market research across many business environments and sectors. 

To find out how our industry stakeholder research can strengthen your organisation’s brand and reputation, contact us below or call us now on .