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SSE’s Smart Metering Installation Experience sets the Standard for Other UK Energy Companies

January 22nd 2018

Here’s one customer’s feedback about their Smart Meter Installation experience with Scottish energy company, SSE

Like many gas and electricity consumers, this customer had seen a great deal of publicity about smart metering and having read the information provided by SSE, they wanted a meter installed. As the information provided highlighted how easy the installation process, the customer was keen to verify how it works and if it really was as simple as they were led to believe, so they called to book an appointment.

A call to an SSE representative enabled the customer to talk the process through with a knowledgeable member of their team, who clarified exactly what would happen, the home access required and how long the installation would take. They also explained the benefits of having a smart meter, such as removing the need for future meter readings, as these would be handled via the smart meter network. They were also advised how their electricity usage could be tracked more easily, enabling the customer to carefully consider the use of some appliances, number of lights left on, and how heaters were used.

Different appointment dates and times were offered within a three-hour time band, fitting in with the customer’s work requirements. This was a key feature of SSE’s service for the customer and one that other service providers are often unable to offer.

The appointment was confirmed over the phone and then by email. A day or so prior to the agreed installation date, SSE sent the customer another polite reminder.

The smart meter installation engineer arrived promptly within 10 minutes of the agreed time band start, which really impressed the customer. The engineer identified himself and described the process of installation clearly. Demonstrating respect for the customers’ home, the engineer ensured that he used shoe covers to protect the carpets.

Most of the installation work took place outside the home as the electricity meter is in an outside wall cupboard. On completion of the outside work and a brief period of power disruption, the engineer re applied shoe covers and set about connecting the in-home monitor.

During this process the engineer involved the customer, talking them through why the work was being undertaken and understand the background of the initiative.   

A full explanation was provided in a simple and clear manner as to how the unit worked and how different information could be tracked and monitored. Similarly, an easy to understand booklet was left for the customer explaining the meter’s features for future reference.

The entire installation process was completed in the timescales quoted.

The customer showed genuine appreciation of the process through our survey and provided high satisfaction, loyalty and recommendation scores. Additionally, the effort required by the customer to achieve their desired outcome scored very low.

How did SSE create such a memorable Customer Experience?

The notable, and previously unknowable, customer insights our satisfaction research uncovered about the installation process include:

  • The knowledge of SSE customer service staff during the initial call and appointment booking.
  • How the appointment booking process met the customer’s expectations and furthermore, exceeded these expectations when the engineer arrived within 10 minutes of the 5.00pm – 8.00pm time band. A real challenge some organisations find tough to get right.
  • The elevated level of care demonstrated for the customer’s home, including using shoe protectors and ensuring tools were placed on protective covers.
  • The very clear explanation of smart meter operation, how it works and the benefits it can achieve for customers.
  • The engineer’s personable approach and ability to engage with the customer, using the right language in a polite and professional manner.    

Want to know how to deliver a better Customer Experience like SSE?

The insight we collect delivers a clear understanding of the strength of relationship between satisfaction and loyalty - in this case they were supplemented with high recommendation scores. Our research shows that all the customer touchpoints along the smart metering journey – from appointment booking, through to the home visit and information provided - are high expectation items, as such customers will require all of them to be delivered against to achieve customer satisfaction.

Our CEQA or Customer Satisfaction Gap Analysis sets this out clearly and identifies the satisfaction attributes which have the greatest leverage on customer loyalty and recommendation. To find out how our research can help you acquire more satisfied customers, contact Glyn Luckett: or call 01753 214000

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