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Social media monitoring

Social media today provides a set of platforms on which people gather and exchange views and comments about their experiences, purchases, interaction and activities, good and bad. Social media research can provide new insight into these wider opinions, conversations and a level of honesty and transparency.

What are your customers saying about you?

This platform provides a forum for organisations to either raise their profile or cause a detrimental effect whilst not acting on what is being said about them.

Our social media research solution provides opportunity to collect information from a number of different data sources and platforms.

Through analysing social media exchanges, you can learn what factors customers use to determine value as well as the way that they speak about an organisations services or brand.

Applying our social media technology enables a focussed approach towards collecting data and using appropriate technology enables us to narrow down internet and social media trawls that focus on the most important issues.

Online conversation yields a level of honesty and transparency that compliments existing survey feedback, adding further value to customer research and providing enhanced levels of context to aid action planning and improvement initiatives.

Ensuring a rounded approach is crucial to information gathering and social media research provides the opportunity to compliment other data sources and gather new and unseen information in this form.

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