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Sector Spotlight: Customer Satisfaction Benchmark Survey for the Telecoms Sector

November 7th 2017

Our latest customer satisfaction benchmarking data shows that customer service in the UK's Telecommunications sector was perceived as worse than that provided by the Utilities sector.

The telecommunications sector, comprising fixed line, broadband and on-demand television and film companies, ranked lower than utilities on a range of factors, including overall customer service, reporting a problem and customer recommendation.

TTi’s latest Benchmark Survey for the four months until September 2017, shows that on a scale of 1 to 10, the telecommunications sector scored 6.7 for overall customer satisfaction, compared to 7.3 for the utilities sector. Online Retail sector earned the top spot for customer satisfaction (8.7) during the last four months.

Overeall customer satisfaction with UK Telecoms providers

Telecoms also scored poorly when it came to problem reporting. Using a scale of 0-100 to show how likely customers would be to recommend their telecommunications provider for reporting and resolving problems, the sector scored 49 compared to 59 for utilities.

Using the 0-100 scale to indicate how likely customers would be to recommend their telecommunications provider based on their customer service, the sector was awarded 60 compared to 72 for utilities.

Likely to recommend based on customer service

Telecommunications Sector – Best and Worst Customer Interactions

Interactions that achieved the highest customer satisfaction score (8.5) in the telecommunications sector included, making account and tariff changes, managing an account and booking appointments – all processes telecommunications customers can typically conduct online via a customer portal or online help desk. The interaction with the second highest customer satisfaction score (8.1) was making payment and refunds.

Interactions that earned the lowest customer satisfaction score (5.6) included: reporting a problem, making a complaint and cancelling a contract – all processes that typically require consumers to contact a customer service agent direct through a live chat application or call centre.

Customer interactions in the UK Telecoms sector

Results from our customer satisfaction survey show that the telecommunications sector is struggling to deliver sound customer service and was actually perceived worse than that provided by the utilities sector, an industry which comes under repeated fire for delivering poor customer experience.

 As well as customers indicating they need to put in a large amount of effort to achieve their desired outcome, the survey identifies several tangible telecommunication customer pain points. These range from difficulty cancelling contracts and moving to lower tariffs, to problems taking too long to resolve or not being resolved at all.

What Makes Telecommunications’ Customers Happy?

The survey shows that customers were highly satisfied with their telecommunications providers help in choosing the best deal and explanation of alternative tariffs. Customers were also very satisfied with the demeanour of customer service representatives, mentioning that calls were answered straight away, and staff were friendly, efficient and professional.

Our results show that there are some customer service elements that telecommunications providers do well. Gap analysis research can help highlight which company’s service processes are effective, requiring less resources, and which are obstructive. Certainly, looking at ways to reduce customer effort is a big issue for telecommunications companies but it’s only by researching, not guessing what their customers want, can they begin to improve their customer journey.

Which telecoms companies scored best and worst for customer service?

Which UK telecoms companies scored best and worst for customer satisfaction? Contact us to request access to the full report.

About the TTi Global Telecommunications Benchmark Survey

The survey was conducted across 156 UK-based respondents between 1 June and 30 September 2017. Respondents were asked to provide customer satisfaction and customer effort ratings, as well as answer questions about their loyalty and recommendation intentions relating to interactions with their telecommunications service providers.

Customer satisfaction was rated on a 1 – 10 and 0 -100 scale, with 10 and 100 being the most positive.

For further information about TTi Global’s benchmarking survey, or to get a copy of the full Telecommunications Sector Spotlight report, contact us using the form below or call 01753 214000.