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The Ritz experience: Understanding the importance of employee engagement

How to help your employees feel more motivated and deliver a better customer experience

March 9th 2016, by louisa

Employee Engagement is defined as “the extent to which employees feel passionate about their jobs, are committed to the organisation, and input discretionary effort into their work”. It is a business ethos which, if implemented correctly, can be very beneficial to both staff and profit margins alike.

Empowering employees

Employee Engagement is a growing trend and companies are spending more time improving. One of the best examples of empowering employees and keeping them engaged is the Ritz Carlton, who have a strong global reputation for keeping their employees engaged. Staff are trained and empowered to go out of their way to fix any customer problems which may arise, the employees also can spend up to £2,000 on fixing a customer’s problem. Many companies can’t match this, however they can still take note of how the Ritz Carlton look after their customers.

Working towards the same goal

Employees are your main asset and can set you apart from competitors. Many companies’ employees are their selling point. However this can only truly work if employees believe in the way the company is run and want to help it improve; they need to be engaged with the company’s mission.

Virgin Atlantic is another company which has seen success through engaging their employees and creating an ‘effortless’ customer experience.

How do Virgin Atlantic and the Ritz Carlton achieve this success?

These organisations understand their employees and know what motivates them, what makes them happy, why they like working for you and why they are engaged with the brand.

Employees can be understood using well refined research techniques, successful companies use research on a regular basis to understand how their employees are really feeling and what actions will create stronger levels of engagement.

Ways to improve employee engagement:

  • Listen to your employee’s needs
  • Use employee engagement research to understand what needs improving
  • Make sure your staff understand your company’s goal
  • Encourage transparent lines on communication and teamwork
  • Reward outstanding customer service and dedication
  • Offer comprehensive and ongoing training
  • Help your employees feel more empowered

If you would like to understand more about how we can help you measure employee engagement then get in touch. 

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