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Research services

Business research to help drive change

Understand and engage better with your customers, staff and other key stakeholders with high-impact, insightful business research.

We channel more than 25 years’ experience in market research and analysis to provide you with high quality, accurate business research. Each project is carefully aligned to your objectives, providing you with clear, actionable insights to enhance your organisation’s performance and drive revenue.

Supported by a 20-strong expert research team, we guide you through the extensive range of research tools available to deliver the precise insights you need to evolve and grow your business.

Supported by a 20-strong expert research team, we offer an extensive range of research tools, including our industry-leading gap analysis system Customer Experience Quality Analysis (CEQA), to deliver the precise insights you need to evolve and grow your business.

We undertake a wide selection of business research programmes for all industries and business sectors, including:

Customers, consumers and competitor research

One of the questions we are asked the most is: “How do you convert great intention into action that creates satisfied and loyal customers?”

The answer is: Finding out what’s important to your customers.

At the heart of TTi Global’s customer, consumer and competitor research is our unique Customer Experience Quality Analysis (CEQA) system.

A leading customer research methodology developed from almost three decades’ of delivering customer analysis for some of the world’s biggest brands, CEQA measures the quality of your customer experience across all interactions, across all communication channels.

No other customer research methodology gets closer to your customers, CEQA provides:

  • Clear understanding of your core customer groups and their expectations at every stage of the customer journey
  • Insight to how important your customer expectations are in the context of your organisation and your competitors’ organisations
  • Intelligence on technical innovation your customers’ want, giving you competitive advantage
  • Insight to shape your customer experience as your customers’ expectations change, future-proofing your business

Our CEQA framework can be applied to your business-to-consumer and business-to-business environments, giving you a holistic view of your external and internal customers’ expectations – enabling your business to not only respond to changing customer behaviour but make strategic changes to increase customer retention and attract new customers. 

Employee and staff research

From understanding employee satisfaction and expectations, to gauging levels of staff engagement to improve customer service, we can develop and conduct employee satisfaction surveys, staff engagement surveys, staff retention surveys and recruitment evaluation surveys to ensure your employee and business goals are met.

Our employee surveys and research programmes identify perceptions across all employee groups, enabling easy identification of issues and improvement initiatives.

Stakeholder research

Using stakeholder opinion surveys we are able to map and understand your stakeholder requirements, measure perceptions and identify opportunities for enhancement. Our approach to gathering insight across stakeholders and opinion formers involves a wide range of effective, results-led research methods.

Stakeholder consultations are often complex. Our robust qualitative research solutions focus on really teasing out the ‘how and why’ of discussion topics, providing you with valuable, in-depth insight to better meet and manage your stakeholder expectations.

Internal customer and supplier processes research

We use effective research to measure how well your ‘internal customer’ is served. We’ve helped many clients create synergies with their end customers and ‘win/win’ situations through developing a wholly customer-focused organisation.

Through understanding your internal customer expectations, you can enhance your supplier relationships and create long-term, value-adding connections.

Automotive dealer and channel partner research

As the leading provider of automotive market research in UK and Europe, we have broad and successful experience measuring dealer and channel partner satisfaction.

We enable automotive, commercial vehicle and motorcycle manufacturers to understand how satisfied their dealers are with Head Office relationships, National Sales Company services, marketing and promotional activities, customer support and other key loyalty driving factors.

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