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Research design and methodology

Our personal approach to design ensures your unique research requirements are addressed and the most effective methodology applied.

Research program design and set up

Tailored research solutions giving you the insights you need

No customer research is the same, and unlike a lot of agencies that favour short-cut ‘off-the-shelf’ packages, we believe in developing tailor-made research solutions aligned to your specific business aims.

Research programme design

We work with you from the outset to learn and understand your business challenges, allowing us to design a robust research process perfectly in tune with your organisational interests and goals.

Throughout the research programme you’ll be supported by a highly-trained team possessing good sector understanding and comprehensive research experience.

This ensures you get:  

Our reporting and analysis techniques are carefully designed to support your business processes, enabling:

  • effective and clear presentation of research results and findings
  • easy identification of actions and priorities to develop a high-impact action plan
  • visibility of different respondent group and research segmentation views
  • benchmarking with competitor data (included in each research programme as standard)

Methodology overview

Whether you want deeper understanding of your customers, employees, suppliers, dealers, channel partners or other key stakeholders, we employ a diverse range of proven and cutting-edge research methodologies to extract the precise intelligence you need.

Our team ensures that only the most effective research methodologies are used to tackle the research topic at hand, allowing you to pinpoint:

  • drivers of loyalty and satisfaction
  • customer service processes that create consumer advocacy
  • best practice processes
  • development and growth opportunities
  • differentiations from competitors’ services
  • actions supporting staff engagement
  • specific answers to business questions
  • support for development strategies
  • actionable data to improve the business environment
  • innovation drivers
  • supply chain processes
  • expected attributes of partnering, plus much more 

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