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Radian – STAR Survey Programme

Find out how TTi Global developed the Radian STAR Survey Programme for a continuous picture of levels of tenant satisfaction and to inform current service performance, and support improvement.

About Radian

Based in the South of England, Radian provides a range of quality homes, from one bed apartments through to four bedroom houses. Radian is one of the largest Registered Providers in the South of England of the Shared Ownership scheme, as well as offering brand new homes for sale to a wide variety of customers. Radian is committed to delivering homes of all tenures to meet the full range of housing needs.

They strive to create conditions where their residents, the people they support, and wider communities can flourish. Radian is a diverse and vibrant social business with a strong sense of comcommercial reality that aims for excellence and value for money in all of the services that they provide.

Radian Business Requirements

Radian has an annual programme of some 2700 continuous telephone surveys each year of a random sample of its tenants and leaseholders, using the standard STAR questionnaire, as developed and implemented by HouseMark, and is the standard amongst members.

Radian have high expectations of their service provider, who are ambassadors of their brand and reflect the high standards of service that Radian provide, specifically their needs include:

  • Effective quality control systems in place - TTi Research demonstrates strong alignment with quality, we are audited annually against our ISO9001/2015 quality system and apply an IQCS equivalent interview quality system.
  • Provide experienced and trained staff - Our team comprise of staff with 12 months to 23 year of research design, development and delivery experience, this knowledge and experience has been grown through working across varied sectors in the public and private sector environments. TTi call centre staff are employed by us, we do not outsource, through high quality training and development we ensure consistency in our high interviewing standards. Our clients regularly validate our completed calls and comment positively about our approach.
  • Relevant accreditations - Ensuring we are recognised for our high standards is important. TTi is an MRS Company Partner, we hold an ISO9001/2015 accreditation and are members of BIG (Business Intelligence Group)

How Tenant Satisfaction Research Helped

The Radian STAR survey programme supports Radian to achieve the following:

  • Obtain a continuous picture of levels of satisfaction of tenants and home owners on a range of key indicators, in order to inform current service performance – this enables Radian to take action though a number channels to support improvement
  • To enable comparisons to be made with the results of previous STAR surveys and to identify key changes in performance – Consistency and trending of results is important, we ensure all reporting enables trends and comparison, highs and lows in results and themes.
  • To track changes in performance standards, satisfaction with services and customer engagement for monthly reporting to operational teams and to support customer scrutiny, performance management, risk management and good governance – Our approach and design enables clear visibility of results across Radian and supports their business process.
  • To capture qualitative data for service managers to use for service improvement (with the permission of survey respondents) – Comments capture and analysis is an important feature of our services. Interviewers are trained to probe comments adding insight and depth to the results we provide, this enables a deeper approach to analysis and developing service improvement actions.

The Result

Radian have been able to track satisfaction continuously, with the confidence their research is being managed and delivered professionally and to high standards.

This is further validated through the awards Radian have won and continue to be recognised though.