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Qualitative Tenant Satisfaction Research for Radian Housing

Our Client:

Radian Group

Radian Group is an award-winning housing provider with over 1,350 employees. In 2019 Radian joined forces with Yarlington. The company currently manage 38,000 homes with approximately 79,000 occupants living in their homes across south and south west England. They plan to deliver 10,000 new homes in the next 10 years.

Business Need

TTi Global Research provides key research services to Radian, including regular Survey of Tenants and Residents (STAR) research and custom Tenant Satisfaction Surveys

Discussions with the Radian team established several priorities critical to the organisation’s goals and long-term success, including:

  • Identifying and making better use of data available
  • Understanding drivers of satisfaction and dissatisfaction across different areas of their housing stock
  • Achieving top-quartile performance in Housing Association satisfaction benchmark analysis

To achieve these goals, we developed a tailored approach to gain greater understanding of the insight available, combining insight analysis and advanced analytical techniques.

The insight assessment involved reviewing and contextualising the data and clearly identifying the group’s strength and weaknesses across its various functions, enabling the group to implement a targeted action plan.   

Solution: Analytical and Insight Review

Stage 1 – Insight Analysis

Like many housing organisations, Radian has access to significant statistical data but need support to understand and contextualise it to extract its true value. Our analytics team commenced a comprehensive analysis of Radian’s latest 12 months of resident satisfaction data, reviewing data across all questions and segment categories.

In particular we applied techniques such as key driver analysis – investigating the relationship between potential drivers and their impact on customer behaviour (such as customer satisfaction, loyalty and likelihood to recommend the group to others) and regression analysis techniques, to draw out the service attributes that really matter.  

Using enterprise-grade SPSS analytics solution our analysts interrogated the data creating actionable insights for each respondent group. This allowed us to identify:

  • Key drivers of resident satisfaction
  • Best practice areas in service delivery   
  • Worst performing areas, where improvement is needed and priority of concerns    

This deep dive approach supports deeper understanding into the how and why particular trends occur in resident data and provides absolute confidence in the accuracy and quality of the insights it reveals.   

Stage 2 – Consulting and Improvement Recommendations  

Data analysis complete, we created a suite of result presentations for a dynamic group workshop, focussing on best practice in service delivery and areas that would benefit from either improvement action or further investigation.   

The action generated from the session was to develop a series of expert-led resident focus groups to gain deeper understanding into specific regional results.

Stage 3 – Research Focus Groups

We designed and conducted a series of regional research focus groups to obtain more detailed understanding of the service and social issues driving resident dissatisfaction.

A variety of residents from different housing types and backgrounds were invited to the group to share their experiences and their perceptions of Radian.

The guidelines we developed delivered a rich seam of insight, enabling us to analyse and separate housing service and social issues.

Through analysis of the group feedback, we were able to classify the sentiment behind residents’ comments. In turn, we were able to identify and understand the relationship between Radian’s housing services and social issues, as well as the role partner agencies could play in resolving particular social challenges.

Tackling housing social issues is often challenging and solutions are not easily funded or resourced. However, through garnering incisive resident feedback in the right environment, we were able to tune into a positive customer voice about residents’ needs, expectations and the service improvements they wanted. As well as clarifying and building on initial findings, the group provided a valuable opportunity for residents to voice their concerns with Radian in an open, productive forum.

Research Results

Radian have been able to acquire meaningful, actionable insight from their customer data and better, detailed understanding of drivers of resident satisfaction. 

By understanding precisely which areas need attention, Radian have since:

  • Increased partner agency interactions with residents
  • Increased partner agency visibility
  • Increased resident satisfaction in some areas
  • Increased staff understanding around issues residents face, enabling them to talk more knowledgably and effectively with residents
  • Increased cross-company awareness of the value of resident research and its influence on positive outcomes, such as higher resident satisfaction and better partnership working   

Leading Social Housing Research Providers

TTi Global Research, a division of GP Strategies (TTi), has over three decades’ experience of delivering incisive, custom market research for UK housing associations, Registered Social Landlords and other social housing providers. We are experienced in conducting all types of surveys, from annual STAR satisfaction surveys to in-depth stakeholder analysis.

A respected full-service agency and accredited MRS company partner, we understand the complex factors that go into building a successful, sustainable social housing model.

Just some of the key housing research solutions we provide include:

  • STAR surveys for tenants and residents
  • Tenant and customer satisfaction surveys to identify residents’ expectations and improve core services
  • Customer profiling research identifying specific resident groups and preferences
  • Housing research with vulnerable residents living in supported or specialised housing
  • Resident complaints surveys
  • Independent living surveys
  • Employee surveys and engagement research
  • Stakeholder research
  • Brand positioning and messaging research

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