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Qualitative research

Qualitative research seeks out the 'why' and 'how' of its topic, rather than statistics or numbers to provide insightful information and support business decision making.

Find out 'why' with qualitative research

Qualitative research is used to gain insight into people's attitudes, behaviours, expectations, values, concerns, motivations, aspirations or culture. It's used to inform business decisions, policy formation and communication and supports research design of quantitative studies.

Focus groups, in-depth interviews, ethnography and evaluation are among the formal approaches that are used. We apply qualitative research to understand:

  • What actions people take or the behaviours they exhibit as a result of an event or experience of different attitudes
  • What people desire, need or mean
  • What drives and changes expectations, communication, past experience, personal and contractual needs
  • The environment in which people work, do business, communicate and provide services
  • What different business circumstances, sectors or environments mean to customers and employees, and how these influences affect their needs of employers and service providers

We apply qualitative research in different environments to understand different insights. Our experience in this area extends to:

  • One-to-one pre-appointed in-depth interviews
  • Executive pre-appointed in-depth interviews
  • Best practice in-depth interviews
  • On street qualitative research
  • Paired in-depth interviews
  • Focus groups

We use innovative and insightful solutions to report qualitative research, bringing commentary and the context of market and business environments to life.