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Process analysis and evaluation

All organisations compete for improved market share, cost reduction and customer retention. Our service quality surveys and research solutions help you to understand the strengths and weaknesses of complex customer, employee and stakeholder relationships.

Process research

Good relationships between your organisation and your customers, suppliers and stakeholders are key to a sustainable, successful business. Surveys we apply to better understand these relationships include:

  • Supplier relationship research
  • Customer service research
  • Service evaluation research

Amongst other solutions we provide understanding of markets, relationships, customer retention challenges and competitor activity. Supporting organisations to develop effective strategies and continuously improve their business process, products and services.

Our research solutions and services have evolved to support organisations improve understanding of stakeholder requirements. We deliver effective research output, assisting our customers to develop processes supporting customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, understanding buying cycles and customer buying behaviour.

Some of the business research solutions supporting customer and stakeholder understanding we provide in the business services sector are:

Customer gap analysis

Using a unique methodology we understand and measure expectation, perception and any gaps that exist.

Customer satisfaction tracking surveys

Using a suite of multi-mode data collection approaches (CATI, web-based interviews, postal, etc). We understand and identify the most important areas of service to customers in driving loyalty to then track indicators to measure change.

Measuring competitor activity across different sectors and markets

Through our customer, employee and stakeholder surveys we gain understanding of competitor performance across directly comparable processes.

Conducting buying behaviour interviews

Using innovative and insightful research we understand how to improve selling processes and what the critical triggers to buying are.

Supplier relationship research

Applying effective research techniques we support understanding of how well an organisation interacts with suppliers, enabling action to be taken that leverages relationships and creates a win/win partnership.

Internal customer service measurement

Using innovative and insightful research we understand the barriers to internal teams working well together and how enablers can be created supporting improvement. Outcomes often seen include improved service to external customers.