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Postal surveys

Our operations team provide postal and hard copy survey approaches for a number of clients, scaled to meet their objectives and requirements. We have 20 years’ experience and capability of processing 3,000 mailed returns daily.

Our print partner provides a robust technology driven process enabling the implementation of large scale mailing programmes, reflecting client brand design and imagery on questionnaires.

All postal surveys are returned directly to our offices using pre-paid envelopes. We have effective experience and capability of processing large volumes of data using our leading edge "eyes and hands" scanning technology.

Our in-house scanning team manages the entire process, including, opening, logging and returns collation.

"Eyes and hands" technology recognises pre-coded selection boxes and creates seamless output data into Excel spreadsheets, including free text comments. All data is verified and validated in accordance with MRS guidelines and ISO 20252 quality standards.

We have effective competency and credibility of running small and large scale postal questionnaire surveys in Automotive, Utility, Business Services and Automotive Finance sectors. Some reasons to consider our services include:

  • Central coordination removing the need to use local remote agencies
  • Proven methodology for UK, European and International tracking studies
  • International reach with local market detail
  • Cost effective process management
  • Consistent approach across all markets
  • Consistent survey production and timing
  • Supports intelligent CRM campaigns