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Our Partners

We work with some amazing partners. The individuals we work with are extremely talented, and their contribution is crucial in building and delivering the services TTI Global offers to our clients, and helps keep us at the top of our game. Our partners play a vital role in our success, so we want to share our appreciation for them. If our partners could do the same for your business, feel free to get in touch with them.

Matt Davies, Associate Senior Statistician

Matt Davis Matt has 12 years experience in senior statistical roles, carrying out analysis on research projects. A talented data scientist, Matt is skilled in customer experience analysis and insight, advanced analytics, and data mining, particularly in the FMCG, media, automotive and services sectors. He has worked with many of the leading manufacturers including Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen Audi Group, Citroen Peugeot, BMW, Renault and Jaguar Land Rover.

Melissa Blamey, Freelance Writer and Blogger 

Melissa Blamey Melissa is a professional freelance writer, SEO copywriter and blogger. With more than fifteen years’ experience of writing engaging SEO web content, blogs, magazine and newspaper editorial and more, Melissa specialises in crafting sparkling, search engine friendly content to help businesses thrive.  Over the years Melissa has written for a huge range of clients, from household names NHBC, BSI and MAM baby, through to favourite local businesses.       

Katia Bruno, K.B. Translation Services, LLC

Katia Bruno Katia comes from a background in strategic planning, marketing and import/export, and then built her business as a translator, transcriptionist and in-language coder of market research for several international market research organisations (AC Nielsen, Kantar, Kantar Health, Ipsos, Amazon, Ascribe Language Logic). Katia works closely with clients to deliver top-notch consumer and B2B research programs to develop and launch new products, evaluate and refine brand strategy, positioning, advertising and promotional campaigns. 

Versantus, Website and Application Development

Versantus Versantus work with successful businesses, helping them to make the most of their digital investment. They design, build and support websites, applications and smart systems that deliver measurable and sustainable benefits to organisations of all shapes and sizes.

Their Oxford team specialises in beautiful and user-centred design, content management, back-office integrations and high-performance web hosting, and they're always happy to talk about how technology can support your business' growth. Give them a call on 01865 422112 or email for an introductory chat.

Compound Eye, Digital Consultants

Compound Eye Collective experience in SEO, copywriting, design, usability, development, PPC, ecommerce, video, email, social media, influencer outreach and more make Compound Eye an essential addition to a company's IT and marketing teams. Having worked both client-side and agency-side, they understand the process, political, budgetary and skills-based challenges faced by your business. Called upon for ad hoc or regular facilitation, consultation, and training, their honest and expert advice is prized by clients for furthering bottom-line savings and gaining competitive advantage. Email

Greens, Full Service Communications

Greens communications partnering with TTi Global Research Founded in 1919 Greens have come a long way since printing ration books during WW2. Their expertise lies in being a full service communications business covering a range of detailed service requirements in certain niche markets. Their skill sets are mainly focused on high service clients with complex and difficult data, document and logistical needs, with a regulatory or commercial reason to work to the highest levels of security and confidentiality for data management, IT communications as well as final production. By automating as much of the data, file handling, ordering and production processes as possible Greens bring speed, value and integrity to the workflow and consistent quality we rely on.