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Our clients and sector experience

We are the top market research organisation of choice for a diverse array of national and international organisations, including several of the world’s most well-known and valuable brands. 

Business research services

With customers more connected than ever, organisations are under constant pressure to improve and refine customer interactions, services and products; we support organisations by providing actionable insights and improvements to overcome these challenges.

Adapting our research methodologies to a business’s unique requirements and research objectives, our solutions allow companies to better understand their customer, employee and stakeholder motivations; helping them to drive change and create new business growth.

Our business research solutions include:

  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Employee Satisfaction
  • Stakeholder Measures
  • Supply Chain Measures
  • PZB Gap Analysis

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Construction sector research

As house builders and contractors compete for greater market share, cost reduction, innovative solutions and customer loyalty; our experience of carrying out large-scale surveys for the UK’s biggest building and construction companies enables them to pinpoint the precise strengths and weaknesses of their often complex customer, employee and stakeholder relationships.

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Regulatory and utilities research

Power distribution and utility providers operate in heavily regulated environments, providing services to domestic and commercial customers, whilst ensuring their performance meets Ofgem’s RIIO framework.

We have extensive knowledge of creating, implementing and analysing market research for the largest UK power companies and utility service providers, allowing them to fully evaluate their customer and stakeholder motivations and requirements.

Our multi-channel data collection techniques and value-adding reporting solutions assure clients of the highest quality, accurate intelligence available.

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Social housing and housing association research

Our powerful market research solutions provide housing associations with clear insight into their tenants’, employees’ and stakeholders’ perceptions and needs.

Using advanced quantitative and qualitative research methods tailored to the specific objectives of each association, we enable housing leaders to cut through the noise and gain a concise view of their residents’ and employees’ satisfaction and engagement levels. Easy-to-understand reporting means that data is actionable as well as insightful.

Our research offers the opportunity for housing associations to gain a real understanding of their relationships, enabling them to implement targeted improvement strategies and drive higher levels of satisfaction for occupants and other key stakeholders.

  *Supporting Knightstone Customer Research Services Framework to provide housing associations and local authorities with easy access to expert customer research consultants.

Professional & Trade Associations research

As a leading research agency for the sector with over 30 years’ experience, we understand the unique challenges facing membership bodies. As well as operating in increasingly tough economic conditions, many activities once exclusive to membership – from networking with key stakeholders to accessing latest industry developments and data – can now be performed online, impacting member numbers. Whether you’re a UK or global association, we can help you overcome these and other challenges through our high quality, fully customised research programmes.

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Automotive research

Manufacturers in the highly competitive automotive sector are constantly seeking ways to increase market share and revenue.

We have extensive experience of designing, conducting and analysing research programmes on behalf of the global automotive industry. Our research teams support manufacturers across UK, Europe and internationally by delivering customer satisfaction and dealer relationship surveys, providing head office operations with deeper understanding of their dealers, customers and employees.

These insights allow manufacturers to increase market share, raise customer loyalty and build long-term, sustainable dealer relationships.

Our market research solutions enable automotive manufacturers to:

  • Develop and refine dealer processes, delivering high levels of dealer satisfaction and brand engagement
  • Implement new systems to generate high levels of customer satisfaction, loyalty and recommendations
  • Understand key drivers of customer loyalty and customer satisfaction
  • Better understand buyer behaviour
  • Guide development and delivery of learning and people development solutions
  • Understand lost sales analysis and aftersales defection

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Supporting other market research consultants

We pride ourselves on supporting our MRX community, providing specialist support in our principal sectors, detailed data collection, analysis and reporting on large projects, use of our in-house CATI call centre, and access to our excellent team of researchers across the globe.

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To find out how our market research solutions can help your organisation change for the better, call us today on or email us below.