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Opel Logo Vauxhall logoVolvo - auto market research

Manufacturers in the automotive sector are constantly seeking to increase revenue and market share.

Through our extensive experience and expertise of the Automotive sector, we support manufacturers across the UK, Europe and Internationally by delivering customer satisfaction and dealer relationship surveys to provide a better understanding of their dealers, customers and employees.

This ultimately creates an outcome of increased market share, customer loyalty and long-term sustainable dealer relationships.

Our market research solutions assist:

  • The development of dealer processes in support of delivering high levels of dealer satisfaction and brand engagement
  • Developing processes in support of delivering high levels of customer satisfaction, loyalty and recommendation
  • Understanding drivers of customer loyalty
  • Understanding drivers of customer satisfaction
  • Better understanding of buying behaviour
  • Guiding development and delivery of learning and people development solutions
  • Understanding lost sales analysis and aftersales defection

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Business Services


Bla Bla Car


In their effort to improve and refine customer interactions, services and products; we support organisations by providing insightful and actionable insight to business challenges.

Building our approaches around business requirements and research objectives, our solutions assist customer, employee and stakeholder understanding; ensuring results are actionable and can drive change in the business environment.

Research includes:

  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Employee Satisfaction
  • Stakeholder Measures
  • Supply Chain Measures
  • PZB Gap Analysis

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Mumford and Wood - building sector customer researchBouygues - construction sector market researchThomas Vale - construction market research

As organisations compete for greater market share, cost reduction, innovative solutions and customer delight; our experience providing research surveys to major construction companies enables us to assist their understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of their often complex customer, employee and stakeholder relationships.

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SGN - utilities customer and stakeholder research

Power distribution and utility providers operate in heavily regulated environments and provide services to domestic and commercial customers, whilst ensuring their performance meets Ofgem’s RIIO framework.

We provide research solutions to assist clients in understanding the strengths and weaknesses of their customer and stakeholder relationships using our multi-channel data collection techniques, comprehensive range of research methods, analytical process and value adding reporting solutions.

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SJP logo

We provide housing and residential market research that gives associations insights into their tenants, employees and stakeholders needs. By using quantitative and qualitative research methods tailored to the specific objectives of each organisation we enable housing groups to have a clearer view of their resident’s and staff’s satisfaction and engagement. Easy-to-understand reporting means that data is actionable as well as insightful.

This type of research offers the chance for housing associations to gain a real understanding of their relationships, this can be used to implement improvements and drive higher levels of satisfaction.


*Supporting Knightstone Customer Research Services Framework, to provide housing associations and local authorities with easy access to expert customer research consultants.