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What an Automotive Customer Journey survey might look like

Measuring customer satisfaction at all touch points. Download our infographic.

May 27th 2014, by jack

Measuring customer satisfaction at all touch points

Do your customers have a great interaction or experience?

One they really enjoyed – a seamless vehicle purchase?

The crucial understanding of customer satisfaction is when the reverse happens and what created the poor experience.

What makes the difference is not a single touch point, such as a specific sales person or website. It is the sum of the overall journey and series of interactions across each of the journey touch points, the accumulation of a series of interactions, not just one element.

All our customer experiences are a series of interactions, building up to be a journey. These can often be measured as a series of touch points, through understanding customer expectations of their whole experience and how specifically they want each interaction to fit together in the overall experience.

This is our customer experience challenge

Measuring website satisfaction or the customer service skills of the retailer is an easy task.

The piece of the measure often missed is when a customer has visited your website for information, is unable to find it, and then makes initial contact with the retailer.

How does the sum of this experience get measured?

The retailer may do a great job of answering customer questions or complaint management, but was the journey a failure because the customer was let down by the website?

Likewise dissatisfaction in Automotive sales or aftersales journeys occur often in hand over, or billing explanation. Operational delivery teams pick up where sales finish. Sales build the expectation and sell the dream, but can operations match the dream or deliver a nightmare?

Traditional transactional satisfaction questions cannot gather this intelligence, measuring the overall customer journey is a must, only in doing so can actions be taken to fill the gaps between interactions and change the experience because that’s what matters to customers.

We help clients to overcome this challenge through developing questionnaires that cover the entire journey and mapping diagnostically into touch points. Our data collection methods intelligently route respondents across their feedback experience, gathering appropriate feedback and enabling actions to be easily drawn from output and implemented.

Our clients receive reports matching this process to build a bigger picture of their success tracked across different event and time periods.

Call us or email if you would like to understand more about how we go about this process.

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