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Data collection methods

Applying the appropriate data collection methods for your research needs, we ensure effective respondent participation and robust response rates.

Research data collectionPhone, online, postal and face-to-face research surveys

We provide in-house telephone interviewing, online surveys, postal surveys and email surveys.

All data collection is managed applying robust quality management process, ensuring a high quality output for our clients.

We offer multi-mode survey and data collection platforms, providing flexibility to our clients and choice of preferred participation method for respondents.

Offering respondent choice of participation drives increased response rates, a richer survey experience, more accurate and robust data.

Our multi-mode data collection process is described below:

Our data collection processes are conducted professionally, representing our clients' business and audited through our robust quality system compliant with ISO 20252.

All aspects of data collection are managed in house, examples of monthly managed volumes are:

  • Telephone interview - 12,000 interviews monthly
  • Email/web based interviews - 15,000 interviews monthly
  • Paper based interviews - 10,000 / 40,000 interviews monthly

Our integrated data collection platform enables multiple data collection methods collected in a single data file, avoiding the need to merge data files.


We use market leading technology for our web and email research surveys, which provides secure access and professional looking branded surveys.


Our professional, trained interviewers conduct 12,000 CATI telephone research surveys each month from our own call centre.


We process large volumes of paper-based research surveys using our leading edge "eyes and hands" scanning technology.

Focus groups

Focus groups, in-depth interviews, ethnography and evaluation are among the formal approaches that are used in qualitative research.

Social media monitoring

We collect information about your customers or your brand reputation from a number of different data sources and platforms.

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