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Customer and consumer research

When satisfied, customers come back, spend more and tell others about how good you are. Our customer research programmes identify satisfaction drivers, value drivers and actions that will have the most impact on improving, satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy.

Measuring customer satisfaction with research

Competing for increased market share, cost reduction and seeking to retain more customers are obvious business growth objectives. Our research solutions assist clients to achieve these objectives through understanding the strengths and weaknesses of their customer relationships.

We provide understanding of relationships, customer retention challenges, competitor activity and markets.

It doesn’t matter if your customers are few or many, whether they are end customers or another link in the service and product chain. The same principles apply to business-to-business customers and high street purchases. To succeed you must deliver excellent service to your customers benchmarked against your competitors. Supporting organisations to improve customer satisfaction, enhance loyalty goals and understand market position are areas we focus on with our clients.

We deliver effective research output assisting our customers to develop processes supporting customer service delivery, understanding buying cycles and customer buying behaviour.

Core customer research objectives should include:

  • Understanding the ‘ideal’ service – a vision of what the ideal provider should look like in your customer’s market place
  • Measuring the customer's actual experience in comparison to competitors where appropriate
  • Identifying where the largest gaps in service provision are
  • Identifying where relevant actions need to be implemented
  • Tracking performance and service standards
  • Integrating customer feedback with other relevant customer data

Leading edge consumer research for real business results

Our work conducting leading edge customer research has supported a significant number of clients make changes that have influenced their customer results, some examples are listed below.


We assisted a premium brand manufacturer to enhance their new vehicle handover process, providing significant impact on their CSI and JD Power scores.

Our effective customer research techniques have also supported insight around best practice customer service and handling. Applying qualitative techniques to gather intelligence on best and poor practices. Through drawing insight across luxury and premium brand manufactures, our expertise enable changes to be actioned and improvement in both CSI and loyalty metrics.

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Financial Services

Through providing insight to a series of measurements and indicators around timely processing of applications, we enabled our client to win more business through changing their underwriting criteria.

Automotive Financial Services

Applying a multi-market tracking study we found key satisfaction drivers were driven through head office and management staff accessibility. Our client increased methods of contact and resource, enabling more free time to interact with dealers, the end result being enhanced dealer satisfaction.

Recruitment Agency

On reviewing research and KPI’s our client understood why their rate of candidate acceptance to placement was increasing and through review of processes reduced the timescale of document provision driving up their placement success ratio.

Employee Research - Manufacturing

Through our employee engagement research process we identified why approximately 650 of 1300 staff where less satisfied and less engaged with their business objectives. Our research process found that team leader support was a crucial driver, through resource review and communication this rating was enhanced over 2 years and added approximately £3m to their bottom line.

Some of the research solutions supporting customer insight we provide are;


Our research services and solutions progressively evolve. If you would like to discuss how we could work together, please contact us using the options available.

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Innovation around management information and performance management ties exactly with our customer strategy vision and ambition

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