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The moment of truth: Which way will your customer turn?

Faced with today’s intense competition, brands need employees with an extra edge. How will your customer-facing teams fare at ‘the moment of truth’?

March 12th 2015, by glyn

Businesses often just think about whether they’re able to meet customers’ expectations. They forget to consider how a customer might feel about their brand. The way organisational qualities make customers feel influences customer loyalty and inclination to recommend. They are not something that can be ignored.

Building an emotional connection

Influencing how your customer feel about your brand in relation to how it meets their requirements is the first step in developing that all important emotional connection that drives loyalty and advocacy. It is the basis of fostering strong relationships that deliver value-adding services and create goodwill. 

After all, organisations that deliver value-adding services that leverage opportunities to create loyalty are making it harder for competition to acquire their customers.

As such, strong emotional connections are a vital differentiator; and employees, especially frontline staff, are the key to creating them. Employees with a good understanding of customer expectations are better able to build the bridge that will set you aside from your competitors.

That extra edge

Organisations hire frontline staff with a good cultural fit and with the skills and know-how to deliver the high-value customer experience reflected in their strategy. They then train and support these employees as customer needs and competition evolves.

But that is not enough. Organisations must hire prospective employees who also demonstrate the right attitudes, behaviours and desire to instinctively do the ‘right thing’ – especially at ‘the moment of truth’.

Employees can make or break a brand at the moment of truth. They need all of these things – the right attitude, tools, training, support and recognition programs – to handle those crucial moments when the outcome can mean the difference between a customer for life or a staunch brand opponent.

Equally importantly, faced with today’s educated customers, front line staff need to be educated on what is influencing customer needs and expectations.  

To understand where you are on the curve to successfully negotiating those moments of trust, consider the following questions:

  • How do your employees deliver your proposition?
  • How do your employees know what customers need and expect?
  • How do employees know how to differentiate your brand
  • How do your employees create and support customer loyalty?

Measuring employee performance key to success

Some companies are now linking employee engagement with customer measures and organisational performance. Together these can provide valuable insight into employee impact on an organisation’s financial performance and growth.

By highlighting the areas you need to work on, this insight helps you shape the employee development needed to fill the gaps. It will turn your valued assets into your most valuable assets.

Helping employees ‘get it right’ first time, minimises issues and maximises value during customer interactions. Are you helping ensure your employees are ready to ‘do the right thing’?

Learn more about employee engagement from our infographic

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