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Measuring Websight Interactions

Research shows that 81% of consumers will search online and 61% will read reviews online before making a purchase, often comparing three different retailers or suppliers.

These reviews and conversations are happening and your customers are participating, but how do you assist these buyers in their purchase and drive them to your product or service?

Websites and wider on line content is used by customers, prospects and stakeholders to find and access information about products, services, solutions, business capability and credibility. It is now the chosen route of many to make purchase decisions.

Through ensuring website content meets visitor needs, information they require is accessible and visitors understand how your business will interact with them, customers are more likely to go beyond visiting and either purchase on line or take the next step and contact directly.   

TTi Websight solution helps organisations to understand what specific areas of their website are of greater interest than others and develop content accordingly, often enabling needs to be anticipated and customer expectations delivered against.

Websight is the TTi Research solution to help organisations measure their website effectiveness. We provide a template solution branded to client requirements, using interchangeable, dynamic questions, ensuring sustainable visitor feedback.

Measuring satisfaction, additional content needs, ease of navigation, speed of access, recommendation and potential to re purchase are typical areas we include, results are visualised through an on line dashboard, providing up to the minute feedback with website user interactions.

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