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Employee Insights Revealed: Manufacturing Sector Scores Lowest in Job Satisfaction

September 4th 2019

In the latest bulletin from our ongoing Employee Benchmarking Survey, Manufacturing sector employees revealed low levels of engagement and satisfaction in their job role and indicated that staff priorities are shifting in the sector.

According to these new insights - which canvassed employees across 11 industry sectors between December 2018 and 31st May 2019 - Manufacturing employees provided the lowest employee satisfaction score (7.4/10) overall.

Satisfaction Vs Engagement

Manufacturing workers were also discovered to have given the lowest employee engagement score (7.8), drawing level with workers in the Automotive sector. In comparison, the highest employee engagement score was achieved by the Restaurant sector, scoring 8.6/10.

Job Satisfaction & Engagement: Drivers for Change

Employee Insights Revealed: Manufacturing Sector Scores Lowest in Job Satisfaction

Over a third (39%) of employees surveyed from the manufacturing sector continued to cite ‘Understanding what is required from you’ as their top engagement factor, according to this latest snapshot, which is consistent with previous reports.

However, our latest analysis shows that the things employees value the most are evolving. ‘Flexibility in your role’ and ‘being encouraged to take on new challenges’ are also becoming increasingly crucial motivational factors.

The number of Manufacturing employees who scored these factors as most important for engagement – and thus the most important elements for companies to deliver – climbed from 14% to 18% within 6 months, according to our survey analysis.

Engagement Attributes: What Manufacturing Employees Expect

Employee Insights Revealed: Manufacturing Sector Scores Lowest in Job Satisfaction

Based on the data we collected, we analysed the attributed Manufacturing employees expect and value the most. The highest of these continues to be ‘Understanding what is required from you’ (39%), followed by ‘Support from your line manager’ (30%).

Historically, the Manufacturing sector has experienced consistently low staff expectations surrounding ‘Flexibility in your role’. This is largely due to the fixed work patterns commonly associated with mass production processes. These latest results suggest that staff are now placing greater value on employers offering more flexible and accommodating work patterns.

The survey also shows a surge in ‘Being encouraged to take on new challenges’, which hints at how technology is impacting the sector, as firms move to up-skill their workforce in line with the move towards more robotic and automated production systems.

Mean Employee Engagement Scores by Attribute

Employee Insights Revealed: Manufacturing Sector Scores Lowest in Job Satisfaction

The highest engagement attribute score given by Manufacturing employees went to ‘Being empowered to make decisions’, scoring 8.6/10, which is also highly likely to be driven by sector developments and automation.

Automation allows employees to work increasingly independently, and smarter, in less time, while also supporting cost effectiveness and providing a boost to production. The impact of new technologies on the manufacturing workforce can also be linked to high score given to ‘Flexibility in your role’ (8.2), as well as the increase in engagement score given to ‘Training to do your job well’ (8.0)

Voice of the Manufacturing Employee

A key research methodology we use in our analysis is in-depth verbatim analysis of employee comments. This provides us with a greater understanding of Manufacturing employees’ pain points and reveals the engagement attributes that are genuine motivators in a Manufacturing work environment.

"I feel fully supported in my job role and there is always room for new challenges."

"I work in an open environment with full integration of staffing and managerial levels."

"I enjoy my work and am given the responsibility and encouragement to do it to the highest level." 

Employee Satisfaction by Sector.

Employee Insights Revealed: Manufacturing Sector Scores Lowest in Job Satisfaction

Q. How Engaged are you With Your Job Role?

Our employee engagement data reveals that employees in the Restaurant sector are the most engaged, with a score of 8.6, while those in the Engineering sector were the least engaged (7.7). The positive effects of increasing employee satisfaction are evident and visible in the Automotive sector, with the data showing a clear boost In staff engagement from 7.3 to 7.8.

About our UK Employee Satisfaction and Engagement Benchmark Survey

The TTi Global Research UK Satisfaction Benchmark survey delivers unique insight into the quality of employee satisfaction and engagement across 11 industry sectors. Data is derived from a monthly online survey of employees from different organisations asking questions about their job satisfaction and engagement. This extract focusses on the last six months data captured between December 2018 and 31st May 2019 from the Manufacturing sector.

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