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The TTi Global research team have worked helping manufacturers and industrial businesses with a range of commercial challenges for the past 20 years.

Over 20 years experience working for the manufacturing sector

The TTi team have worked helping manufacturers and industrial businesses with a range of commercial challenges for the past 20 years. Projects in this field have involved:

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Employee satisfaction and engagement
  • Channel management and partner distribution
  • Account and supply chain management
  • Competitor analysis


We work with clients to Understand their business, structure, market, differentiators and competitors enabling us to refine the research objective. This is crucial when fully comprehending complex business environments.


We will Develop an appropriate research solution, providing detail of each stage and honing it with clients to ensure the approach is absolutely right for their organisation.


Bespoke reporting is developed with each client to ensure results are actionable. We provide comprehensive and easily understood reports, using our experience of working with different clients to achieve this.

Adding Value

We ensure results are clearly understood and ensure Value is achieved from the insight we provide. Sharing business experience and sector understanding to assist our customer to use research results in the most effective manner

A thorough understanding of the manufacturing sector

Conducting research in the manufacturing and industrial markets are very different in terms of products and service supplied, routes to market, supply channels and the relationship between the supplier and customer.

Results that are easy to understand ensures you achieve value from our insights. Our business experience and sector understanding means our customers can use research results in the most effective manner.

Purchase decisions and business influencers - When reviewing a stakeholder base there will be a core of critical influencing factors at the centre – the Business influencers. We expect to see influencers and decision makers involved the purchase decision, individuals across a business responsible for different functions.  We interact with them to gain insights into the purchase decision.

Global business - Globalisation of business means customer bases are now spread across the world. Our work on behalf of manufacturers is increasingly has to accommodate different time zones, languages and business practice. 

We help you to understand and influence business initiatives

Below are examples of business challenges we have helped our customers better understand and supported research to influence different business initiatives:

  • What is the perceived value of our account management team? How do they influence our business growth
  • What impact would this new product have on our customers?
  • Will our key accounts accept a change in our delivery process?
  • As our market is changing how can we understand what customers expect of us and how well we are currently meeting their expectations?
  • How can we understand the importance of our brand? And what is most important? 
  • What do our key accounts expect from us that is different from our lower spending accounts, what are the optimum levels of service?
  • How can we understand what the drivers of customer loyalty are?
  • What do customers perceive as value in our proposition and how does that compare to our competitors?

Example of client success: Employee research in manufacturing

Through our employee engagement research process we identified why approximately 650 of 1,300 staff where less satisfied and less engaged with their business objectives.

Our research process found that team leader support was a crucial driver. Through resource review and communication this rating was enhanced over 2 years and added approximately £3m to their bottom line.