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Latest Customer Satisfaction Survey Results – June - Nov 2017

January 15th 2018

TTi’s latest customer satisfaction data for the six months from June to November 2017 shows that online retailers continue to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Online retail scored 86/100 for overall customer satisfaction, 88/100 for customer re-purchase intention and 47/100 for customer effort. It’s no secret that the online retail sector is growing rapidly. As well as offering products to customers anywhere in the world, e-retailers champion the home shopping experience, making it as easy and accommodating as possible with attributes such as rapid delivery times, easy returns and compelling customised buying journey.

Store-based retail also performed well during the six-months to November, gaining an overall satisfaction score of 78/100 and repurchase intention of 82/100. More and more high street brands are recognising that providing excellent customer service is a key customer differentiator and has a direct impact on their business success. As such, many retailers are working hard to enhance the physical shopping experience by making shoppers feel welcomed and looked after and offering self-serve options to eliminate queuing, a major customer bugbear.

Mobile and Telecoms Score Lowest for Customer Satisfaction  

Mobile Telecommunication and Telecommunication sectors scored lowest for customer satisfaction during the six-month period with respective scores of 60 and 62 out of 100. Both sectors also scored quite high for customer effort, achieving scores of 66/100 and 64/100.

Average overall customer satisfaction by retail subset


The third lowest scoring sector was Utilities, with a customer satisfaction score of 68/100 and a customer effort score of 57/100. Perhaps it’s no coincidence that the three lowest scoring sectors are occupied by a handful of large suppliers, such as Utilities' Big Six energy companies. In more competitive markets, companies prioritise customer satisfaction to attract more buyers, while less competitive sectors appear to struggle to meet customer expectations.    

Sentiment Analysis reveals Customers’ Satisfaction Drivers and Pain Points

TTi’s Benchmark survey results provide deeper insight into customer experiences through the application of sentiment analysis. This process allows us to classify subjects which are mentioned the most in customers’ responses, adding more value to the data.

During the six months to November last year, our survey shows the most common responses relating to customer satisfaction focussed on ‘service’ (341), followed by ‘staff’ (197) and ‘problems’ (130).  

We also determined to what degree the responses were positive or negative. The higher the score, the more positive the tone of responses. This feedback is especially valuable when conducting customer satisfaction research as it shows companies the exact areas and processes where customer satisfaction falls away.

Latest data from our Benchmark Survey reveals that customer responses relating to customer satisfaction mentioning ‘delivery’ and ‘service’ were largely positive (with scores of 0.7 and above), while aspects ‘communication’ and ‘problems’ were rated 0.5 and below, highlighting these areas for attention. 

Customer effort across sectors from Trend SurveyThe most common customer responses linked to customer effort during the six-month period focussed on contact (150), service (122) and the item or product (85). Sentiment analysis scores show that areas such as the ‘website’ scored high (0.7), while ‘contact’ and ‘problems’ scored lower (0.4 and below), again flagging issues to understand and resolve within these areas.

To help distil factors which impact customer satisfaction the most, our data is reinforced by actual customer comments. Comments where customer satisfaction was low include:


“A recurring problem which [the service provider] took too long to fix.”

Communication Time:

“So long to answer the phone.”

“It was not difficult to pay but it took but it required a phone call and it took some time for all problems to be resolved.”


“Set up a direct debit. They never took their payment for several months. I only noticed after I had started to accumulate a large sum of money in my bills account…they said it’s our fault your next month’s bill is £765.”

Looking Ahead

It will be interesting to see the nine-month data set and whether the trend for high satisfaction in online retail and traditional retail continues as this will encompass the peak Christmas shopping period.

About TTi Global’s Customer Satisfaction Benchmark Survey

The survey was conducted across 2,100 UK respondents in all sectors over six months between 1 June and 31 November 2017. Respondents were asked to provide customer satisfaction and customer effort ratings, as well as answer questions about their loyalty and recommendation intentions relating to interactions with different service providers.

Customer satisfaction scores were rated on a 0 to 100 scale, with 100 being the most positive.

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